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Tue 3/23/2021 -- by Juliette Fairley
Cities in Washington and California are increasingly mandating an additional $4 to $5 an hour of COVID-19 premium pay, a move some in the retail industry see as an end run around the travails of collective bargaining.....
Wed 3/3/2021 -- by Jan Hill
The COVID-19 pandemic put many court proceedings in a long recess during 2020. However, some cases are due to go to court in the coming year against some high-profile defendants, such as: Steve Bannon On his final day in office, former President Donald Trump granted pardons to 74 individuals, including former White House strategist Steve Bannon. However, it would be a mistake to think that Bannon is off the hook for charges of defrauding donors who contributed more than $25 million to his 'We Build the Wall' campaign. Should Bannon accept Trump's pardon, he will be thereby admitting his guilt, which is a direct contradiction to his early claims of innocence. While Bannon allegedly led investors to believe that all their donations would go to the construction of Trump's infamous wall along the southern border of the U.S., court documents say he diverted over a million dollars from the project, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for his personal expenses. The New York federal fraud case is set to go to trial on May 24. ....

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1. Valaris emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Mon 05/03/2021   Texas Southern 4:20-bk-34114
2. Business on Myrtle Beach's Ocean Boulevard files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Mon 05/03/2021   South Carolina 2:21-bk-01080
3. Boeing supplier files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid layoffs (
Submitted Mon 05/03/2021   Texas Western 5:21-bk-50484
4. Amid fraud allegations, Connections files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 04/21/2021   Delaware 1:21-bk-10723
5. Self-Storage Operator Great Value Storage Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection (
Submitted Fri 04/23/2021   Delaware 1:21-bk-10690
6. This Beloved Local Burger Chain Just Filed for Bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 04/15/2021   Illinois Northern - Chicago 1:21-bk-04731
7. South Park Clubhouse ownership files for Chapter 11 (
Submitted Thu 04/15/2021   Pennsylvania Western 2:21-bk-20856
8. Golden Corral franchisee files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (
Submitted Mon 04/12/2021   North Carolina Eastern 5:21-bk-00833
9. Casa Bonita files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Mon 04/12/2021   Arizona 2:21-bk-02477
10. Current/Elliott Owner Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 04/07/2021   Delaware 1:21-bk-10663
11. Federal Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Teen Brutalized by Stockton Police - 2 Officers Already Fired (
Submitted Mon 04/05/2021   California Eastern 2:21-cv-00607
12. Rochester Police Department Has 'Pervasive Problem of Racism,' Federal Lawsuit Says (
Submitted Mon 04/05/2021   New York Western 6:20-cv-06675
13. Georgia voting restrictions challenged again in third federal lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 04/01/2021   Georgia Northern 1:21-cv-01284
14. Federal lawsuit filed by family of Daniel Hambrick formally dismissed in court (
Submitted Thu 04/01/2021   Tennessee Middle 3:19-cv-00216
15. Mother of teen killed by OKC police officers files federal lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 04/01/2021   Oklahoma Western 5:21-cv-00275

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