California Central District Court
Judge:Andrew J Guilford
Referred: John D Early
Case #: 8:19-cv-00421
Nature of Suit446 Civil Rights - Amer w/Disabilities - Other
Cause42:12101 Americans With Disabilities Act
Case Filed:Mar 04, 2019
Last checked: Tuesday Mar 05, 2019 12:22 AM PST
Does 1-10
VMC Enterprises, Inc.
Robert Getz
Represented By
Peter Shahriari
The Law Office Of Hakimi And Shahriari
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Docket last updated: 1 hours ago
Thursday, March 21, 2019
11 11 service Service of Summons and Complaint Returned Executed (21 days) Thu 6:19 PM
PROOF OF SERVICE Executed by Plaintiff Robert Getz, upon Plaintiff VMC Enterprises, Inc. served on 3/18/2019, answer due 4/8/2019. Service of the Summons and Complaint were executed upon Sergio Colon - Manager and Agent in charge of authorized to accept service in compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by substituted service on a domestic corporation, unincorporated association, or public entity and by also mailing a copy.Original Summons NOT returned. (Shahriari, Peter)
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Monday, March 11, 2019
10 10 service Proof of Service (subsequent documents) Mon 10:23 AM
PROOF OF SERVICE filed by plaintiff Robert Getz, re Minutes of In Chambers Order/Directive - no proceeding held, Set/Reset Hearing8 Order for Early Scheduling Conference for April 22, 2019 served on 3/11/2019. (Shahriari, Peter)
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Thursday, March 07, 2019
9 9 order Transferring Reference/Discovery purs LR 83-1.3.1 (Related Case)(CV-34a) Fri 10:27 AM
ORDER RE TRANSFER PURSUANT TO Local Rule 83-1.3.1 and General Order 19-03 -Related Case- filed. Related Case No: 8:18-cv-02135 AG(JDEx). Case referred from Magistrate Judge Douglas F. McCormick to Magistrate Judge John D. Early for Discovery. The case number will now read as follows: 8:19-cv-00421 AG(JDEx). Signed by Magistrate Judge John D. Early. (rn)
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Wednesday, March 06, 2019
8 8 order Minutes of In Chambers Order/Directive - no proceeding held ~Util - Set/Reset Hearings Thu 10:23 AM
MINUTE ORDER [IN CHAMBERS] ORDER FOR EARLY SCHEDULING CONFERENCE by Judge Andrew J. Guilford: The Court ORDERS that this hearing take place on April 22, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. *See document for further details. (es)
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7 7 service Summons Issued (Attorney Civil Case Opening) Wed 11:16 AM
21 DAY Summons Issued re Complaint (Attorney Civil Case Opening)1 as to Defendant VMC Enterprises, Inc. (jtil)
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6 6 adr Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program (ADR-8) - optional html form Wed 9:53 AM
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5 5 notice Notice of Assignment to United States Judges (CV-18) - optional html form Wed 9:53 AM
NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT to District Judge Andrew J. Guilford and Magistrate Judge Douglas F. McCormick. (jtil)
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Monday, March 04, 2019
4 4 notice Certificate/Notice of Interested Parties Mon 2:30 PM
NOTICE of Interested Parties filed by plaintiff Robert Getz, (Shahriari, Peter)
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3 3 misc Civil Cover Sheet (CV-71) Mon 2:29 PM
CIVIL COVER SHEET filed by Plaintiff Robert Getz. (Shahriari, Peter)
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2 2 notice Summons Request Mon 2:27 PM
Request for Clerk to Issue Summons on Complaint (Attorney Civil Case Opening)1 filed by plaintiff Robert Getz. (Shahriari, Peter)
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1 1 cmp Complaint (Attorney Civil Case Opening) Mon 2:26 PM
COMPLAINT Receipt No: 0973-23311490 - Fee: $400, filed by plaintiff Robert Getz. (Attorney Peter Shahriari added to party Robert Getz(pty:pla))(Shahriari, Peter)
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