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See why PacerMonitor is the best way to research Federal Court cases.

Case Tracking

Your PacerMonitor "Dashboard" is the only place you will have to go to stay on top of the cases you are following, regardless of jurisdiction.

Depending on your plan, the cases you are following can be automatically updated, giving you a single place to view everything you need to know. You will never again have to manually go to numerous court websites, saving you time and making sure you are on top of new case developments.

Subscribe to our customized daily email alerts and have this same information sent directly to your inbox, along with new case filings.

Advanced Searching

Search all Federal Court cases from one convenient place free of charge. Our advanced search features are constantly improving, and you can currently do keyword searches on any docket text entry in our entire database, allowing you to easily find the items you need.

Currently our service includes District civil cases and Bankruptcy Chapter 11 cases.

Built for Teams

Don't ever pay for duplicate docket refresh or filing download charges. As soon as the first member of your team downloads something it is automatically available to the rest of the team without any additional fees.

You can easily make sure everyone is up to date by directly emailing the PDF filing to anyone you want.


Use our mobile tools to always stay in the know. Whether it's quickly viewing a last minute filing on your way to court or using some airport delay time productively, our mobile tools allow you to see new case filings and track your current cases as easily as if you were sitting at your desk.

Download filings and check your dockets on the road without worry, because they will be immediately and automatically available to you and your team back at the office or on any other device.