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Tue 7/9/2019 -- by Juliette Fairley
When Rylan Aislee Koopmeiners's parents found a babysitter on in July 2012, they thought they were getting a vetted professional who would take care of their three-month-old girl. Instead, they got an erratic drinker who killed their baby, according to a federal lawsuit against the online marketplace.....
Wed 6/26/2019 -- by Jan Hill
McDonald's is currently facing 25 lawsuits and federal complaints that were filed May 21 in 20 American cities accusing the world's largest restaurant chain and its franchises of sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, and subsequent retaliation.....

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1. Federal court undercuts progressive efforts to nullify Electoral College, rules electors can vote freely (
Submitted Sat 08/24/2019   Tenth Circuit 0:18-cv-01173
2. A Federal Court Strikes a Powerful Blow for Free Speech and Religious Freedom (
Submitted Sat 08/24/2019   Eighth Circuit 0:17-cv-03352
3. New Discrimination Lawsuit Against Jones Day Is Already Getting Messy (
Submitted Thu 08/22/2019   District Of Columbia 1:19-cv-02443
4. Charles Schwab lawsuit win has big implications for all 401(k) plans (
Submitted Thu 08/22/2019   Ninth Circuit 0:18-cv-15281
5. City of Norfolk files federal lawsuit to remove Confederate monument (
Submitted Wed 08/21/2019   Virginia Eastern 2:19-cv-00436
6. Federal court issues split decision, allowing Trump?s latest asylum restrictions to continue in Texas, New Mexico (
Submitted Mon 08/19/2019   Ninth Circuit 0:19-cv-16487
7. Lawsuit challenges schools named after Confederate leaders (
Submitted Mon 08/19/2019   Virginia Eastern 3:19-cv-00599
8. Federal lawsuit filed in West Virginia against JUUL E-cigarette company (
Submitted Fri 08/16/2019   West Virginia Southern 2:19-cv-00591
9. Two Syracuse Police officers named in federal civil rights lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 08/16/2019   New York Northern 5:19-cv-00995
10. YouTube discriminates against LGBT content by unfairly culling it, suit alleges (
Submitted Fri 08/16/2019   California Northern 5:19-cv-04749
11. Federal judge dismisses four of five cities from south Orange County homeless lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 08/16/2019   California Central 8:19-cv-00388
12. Federal court certifies $891M lawsuit against Community Health Systems (
Submitted Wed 08/14/2019   Tennessee Middle 3:11-cv-00433
13. DJ files federal lawsuit over Saints' unofficial anthem 'Choppa Style' copyright (
Submitted Wed 08/14/2019   Louisiana Eastern 2:19-cv-12130
14. Judge rules Virginia school's trans bathroom policy is discriminatory (
Submitted Tue 08/13/2019   Virginia Eastern 4:15-cv-00054
15. Tesla customer lawsuit claims company throttled battery range (
Submitted Mon 08/12/2019   California Northern 5:19-cv-04596

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