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Thu 5/23/2019 -- by Jan Hill
After losing her job, Hurley applied for approximately 250 openings in every school district in the Black Hills, S.D., region, without success. Despite her qualifications, she did not receive a single interview. ....
Wed 5/1/2019 -- by Jan Hill
Natural foods have been popular for years, but from unwanted and even dangerous ingredients to deceptive labels and food borne illnesses, food companies have faced numerous lawsuits that not only threaten to change the food they market but also the way they do business.....

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1. Federal Employees Suing OPM Score Win in Lawsuit Over Data Hacks (
Submitted Tue 06/25/2019   D.C. Circuit 0:17-cvus-05217
2. Betsy DeVos faces new lawsuit over student debt forgiveness (
Submitted Tue 06/25/2019   District Of Columbia 1:19-cv-01775
3. Publishing Lawsuit Against Pandora From Wixen Music Raises Questions Regarding Lyric Licensing (
Submitted Mon 06/24/2019   California Central 2:19-cv-05278
4. Hannity: Of Course Manafort and I Were Text-Bros About the Mueller Investigation (
Submitted Mon 06/24/2019   District Of Columbia 1:17-cr-00201
5. CVS, government urge federal judge to bless settlement pact (
Submitted Mon 06/24/2019   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-02340
6. Marc Anthony settles $500K lawsuit with ex-housekeeper (
Submitted Mon 06/24/2019   New York Eastern 2:18-cv-05561
7. Ten More Members Of Latin Dragon Nation Charged In Federal Court With Murder, Other Violent Acts (
Submitted Mon 06/24/2019   Indiana Northern 2:17-cr-00138
8. Coal producer Cambrian files for Ch. 11 as thermal coal demand wanes (
Submitted Thu 06/20/2019   Kentucky Eastern 5:19-bk-51200
9. Sure Winner Foods emerges from Chapter 11 (
Submitted Thu 06/20/2019   Maine 2:19-bk-20226
10. Carrie Underwood accused of stealing NFL's 'Sunday Night Football' intro, lawsuit says (
Submitted Thu 06/20/2019   New York Southern 1:19-cv-05722
11. Jennifer Lopez-Backed Fuse Media Prepares To Emerge From Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 06/20/2019   Delaware 1:19-bk-10872
12. Nxivm Founder Convicted of Racketeering, Sex Trafficking (
Submitted Thu 06/20/2019   New York Eastern 1:18-cr-00204
13. Legacy Reserves Inc. Files For Chapter 11 Protection To Facilitate Negotiated Financial Restructuring (
Submitted Wed 06/19/2019   Texas Southern 4:19-bk-33395
14. VidAngel ordered to pay $62.4M for copyright infringement (
Submitted Wed 06/19/2019   California Central 2:16-cv-04109
15. Four women who allege Indiana attorney general groped them file lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 06/20/2019   Indiana Southern 1:19-cv-02453

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