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EV Energy Partners, First Energy Solutions, Matrix Broadcasting....

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1. Finance firm drops suit against Russ Darrow dealership over straw buyers for fugitive con man (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   Wisconsin Eastern 2:18-cv-00435
2. Ho-Chunk entities sue Nebraska officials over tobacco laws (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   Nebraska 8:18-cv-00173
3. Illinois AG files harassment lawsuit against Champaign bus company (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   Illinois Northern 1:18-cv-02861
4. No cereal offender: General Mills seeks dismissal of frivolous PHO-based lawsuit (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   California Northern 3:15-cv-01964
5. Anaheim Sued Over Seizure of Homeless Peoples' Property (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   California Central 8:18-cv-00642
6. Copyright Protection for Monkey Selfie Rejected by U.S. Appeals Court (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   Ninth Circuit 0:16-cv-15469
7. FirstEnergy Strikes Creditor Deal in Subsidiary Bankruptcies (
Submitted Tue 04/24/2018   Ohio Northern 5:18-bk-50757
8. Father of Saquon Barkely settles discrimination suit against Allentown, LANTA (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   Pennsylvania Eastern 5:17-cv-02293
9. Top CHOP Doc Says Pregnancy Discrimination Forced Her to Resign (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:18-cv-01651
10. Liberty Mutual hits insurance agent with trade secrets lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   New York Southern 7:18-cv-03386
11. Netflix, Amazon, Disney & More Launch a Lawsuit Against Alleged Piracy Service (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   California Central 2:18-cv-03325
12. Pittston firm to pay up to $950K to settle lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   Pennsylvania Middle 3:16-cv-00492
13. Pavlich Slams DNC's Trump-Russia Lawsuit: 'They're Desperate' (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   New York Southern 1:18-cv-03501
14. St. Joseph Health Hit with Anti-Trust Lawsuit Alleging Unfair Business Practices to Protect 10-fold Price Markeups (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   California Northern 1:18-cv-02074
15. Netflix CEOs pay soars amid bonus-rigging lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 04/23/2018   California Northern 5:18-cv-02107

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