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Fri 5/11/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfield
Videology, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, RMH Holdings....
Mon 5/7/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfield
Gibson Brands, Relativity Media, Garces Restaurant Group....

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1. Trump Administration Ordered to Help DNC With Lawsuit Against Russia (
Submitted Thu 05/24/2018   New York Southern 1:18-cv-03501
2. Spotify Wins Approval of $112.5 Million Deal to Settle Copyright Class Action (
Submitted Thu 05/24/2018   New York Southern 1:16-cv-08412
3. Judge Rules Trump Can?t Block People on Twitter (
Submitted Thu 05/24/2018   New York Southern 1:17-cv-05205
4. The Easiest Drug to Smuggle Into U.S. Is Also the Deadliest (
Submitted Wed 05/23/2018   Mississippi Southern 1:17-cr-00091
5. Houston Texans cheerleaders underpaid and verbally abused, lawsuit claims (
Submitted Wed 05/23/2018   Texas Southern 4:18-cv-01662
6. Law firm of Stormy Daniels' attorney hit with $10-million judgment (
Submitted Wed 05/23/2018   California Central 8:17-bk-11961
7. Lawsuit against Express Scripts over relationship with Anthem dismissed (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   New York Southern 1:16-cv-02048
8. 'Gone Girl' Lawsuit Against Reese Witherspoon, David Fincher and Gillian Flynn Dismissed (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   Illinois Northern 1:17-cv-08799
9. Former Seth Rich family spokesman files lawsuit against individuals, media outlet he says defamed him (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-01191
10. Apple Facing Sweaty Powerbeats Lawsuit (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   California Northern 3:17-cv-05277
11. Judge tosses class-action lawsuit against Poland Spring (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   Connecticut 3:17-cv-01381
12. Baltimore's De Sousa released after hearing tax charges in federal court (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   Maryland 1:18-cr-00276
13. Rex Energy (REXX) Files for Bankruptcy Amid Debt Struggles (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   Pennsylvania Western 2:18-bk-22033
14. Hydroponics supply chain files Ch. 11 bankruptcy following April lawsuit - BusinessDen (
Submitted Tue 05/22/2018   Colorado 1:18-bk-14330
15. Trump Admin Hit With Lawsuit For Keeping Survey On FBI Morale Under Wraps (
Submitted Mon 05/21/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-01174

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