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Thu 7/19/2018 -- by Jan Hill
Most environmental experts and others agree that carbon dioxide and methane are capable of absorbing infrared radiation as well as trapping heat in the atmosphere - a phenomenon commonly known as the greenhouse effect that leads to global warming.....
Wed 7/18/2018 -- by Jan Hill
The questions that the court in DeWayne Johnson v. Monsanto Company, et al will soon attempt to answer are these: Does Roundup cause cancer and if so, did Monsanto fail to warn consumers about the weed killer's cancer risk?....

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1. Hultgren Construction files for Chapter 11 reorganization (
Submitted Thu 07/19/2018   South Dakota 4:18-bk-40329
2. How one California county is criminalizing bad grades (
Submitted Tue 07/17/2018   California Central 5:18-cv-01399
3. Lawsuit alleges diving coach forced athletes into sex (
Submitted Tue 07/17/2018   Indiana Southern 1:18-cv-02113
4. 3D-printed gun lawsuit ends after 3+; years in favor of gun publisher (
Submitted Tue 07/17/2018   Texas Western 1:15-cv-00372
5. Gymboree, a rare retailer to emerge from bankruptcy last year,  unveils its reboot on Amazon Prime Day (
Submitted Tue 07/17/2018   Virginia Eastern 3:17-bk-32986
6. 'Buffalo Billion' case looked strong to jurors, but appeals court could disagree (
Submitted Mon 07/16/2018   New York Western 1:16-mj-05114
7. Monsanto Lawsuit Over Cancer Claims Can Proceed, Federal Judge Rules (
Submitted Thu 07/12/2018   California Northern 3:16-md-02741
8. Police 'choked' in Parkland shooting, lawyer says, announcing lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 07/12/2018   Florida Southern 0:18-cv-61577
9. Tintri rescued by DDN just hours after filing for Chapter 11 (
Submitted Wed 07/11/2018   Delaware 1:18-bk-11625
10. McDonald's Sounds the Alarm: 'Utter Chaos' If a Judge Lets This 'Nonsense' Lawsuit Continue (
Submitted Mon 07/09/2018   Florida Southern 0:18-cv-61026
11. ?Access to Literacy? Is Not a Constitutional Right, Judge in Detroit Rules (
Submitted Thu 07/05/2018   Michigan Eastern 2:16-cv-13292
12. Lawsuit alleging abuse of immigrant teens to move forward (
Submitted Thu 07/05/2018   Virginia Western 5:17-cv-00097
13. Court dismisses lawsuit challenging L.L. Bean's tighter return policy (
Submitted Thu 07/05/2018   Illinois Northern 1:18-cv-01101
14. Lawsuit targets 'hidden fees' in Wells Fargo finance programs (
Submitted Mon 07/02/2018   California Northern 3:18-cv-03886
15. Lawsuit: Shoplifters accuse Walmart, Bloomingdales of extortion (
Submitted Mon 07/02/2018   California Northern 5:18-cv-02125

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