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Thu 1/19/2017 -- by Alice Popovici
Legal experts, however, say court interpretation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act is still in very early stages.....
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1. Telecommunications company Avaya files for bankruptcy (
Submitted Fri 01/20/2017   New York Southern 1:17-bk-10089
2. The $13 (or $9?) Billion Dollar Complaint (
Submitted Thu 01/19/2017   New York Southern 1:16-cv-05756
3. Paul McCartney files lawsuit against Sony/ATV over copyright (
Submitted Thu 01/19/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-00363
4. U.S. watchdog calls Peabody bankruptcy plan fees 'exorbitant' (
Submitted Thu 01/19/2017   Missouri Eastern 4:16-bk-42529
5. Paul McCartney to U.S. Court: 'Help!' (
Submitted Thu 01/19/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-00363
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT against Sony/ATV Music Pub...
6. CFPB Sues Navient Over Student Loan-Servicing Practices (
Submitted Thu 01/19/2017   Pennsylvania Middle 3:17-cv-00101
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT against Navient Corporatio...
7. Bill Hall Jr. Trucking company withdraws Chapter 11 reinstatement (
Submitted Wed 01/18/2017   Texas Western 5:16-bk-51386
8. UGA student's police brutality case is transferred to federal court (
Submitted Wed 01/18/2017   Georgia Middle 3:16-cv-00164
9. Federal Trade Commission Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Qualcomm (
Submitted Tue 01/17/2017   California Northern 5:17-cv-00220
10. Caesars Unit Wins Court Approval for Chapter 11 Exit Plan (
Submitted Wed 01/18/2017   Illinois Northern - Chicago 1:15-bk-01145
11. Facebook's price tag for Oculus actually $3 billion, Zuckerberg reveals in court testimony (
Submitted Wed 01/18/2017   Texas Northern 3:14-cv-01849
12. Mark Zuckerberg will testify in Oculus VR lawsuit this week (update) (
Submitted Tue 01/17/2017   Texas Northern 3:14-cv-01849
13. Women's apparel retailer Limited Stores files for bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 01/17/2017   Delaware 1:17-bk-10124
14. Alaska sues two federal agencies to overturn ban on hunting techniques (
Submitted Mon 01/16/2017   Alaska 3:17-cv-00013
15. NC legislators file lawsuit challenging Gov. Roy Cooper's Medicaid expansion plan (
Submitted Mon 01/16/2017   North Carolina Eastern 5:17-cv-00025
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