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Fri 12/14/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfied
PacerMonitor's look back on the week's most compelling filings: Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Catalina Marketing, Parker Drilling....
Mon 12/3/2018 -- by Juliette Fairley
At the core of the litigation is whether being inspired by Ms. Chapman's art is an actual infringement on the part of Ms. Minaj. According to court records, Ms. Chapman, through her agents and representatives, even repeatedly denied Ms. Minaj's after-the-fact requests to use the composition.....

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1. Roy Moore Claims Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Yerushalayim TV' Fraud Voids Deal (
Submitted Thu 12/13/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-02082
2. Former sheriff files $300 million lawsuit against 3 major news organizations (
Submitted Wed 12/12/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-02894
3. Officers cite racist texts, use of slurs in federal lawsuit against Prince Georges Co. police (
Submitted Thu 12/13/2018   Maryland 8:18-cv-03821
4. New York's Russian Samovar Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 12/13/2018   New York Southern 1:18-bk-13989
5. Lawsuit filed over Trump plans for offshore drilling tests (
Submitted Tue 12/11/2018   South Carolina 2:18-cv-03327
6. Full steam ahead locally as USA Gymnastics files Chapter 11 (
Submitted Tue 12/11/2018   Indiana Southern 1:18-bk-09108
7. Qatari Investor in Ice Cube's BIG3 Claims Diplomatic Immunity Upon New Ambassadorship (
Submitted Thu 12/06/2018   California Central 2:18-cv-03466
8. Rapper 2 Milly Sues Epic Games for Lifting His Dance Routine in 'Fortnite' (
Submitted Thu 12/06/2018   California Central 2:18-cv-10110
9. Drake Settles Lawsuit Against Hebrew Hustle (
Submitted Tue 12/04/2018   New York Southern 1:14-cv-02703
10. Judge orders discovery in Trump foreign gifts lawsuit to begin by end of month (
Submitted Tue 12/04/2018   Maryland 8:17-cv-01596
11. He's a US citizen born in Philadelphia. He says ICE detained him anyway (
Submitted Mon 12/03/2018   Florida Southern 4:18-cv-10279
12. Black GM workers sued company alleging nooses, Nazi undershirts and KKK threats weren't investigated by HR (
Submitted Thu 11/29/2018   Ohio Northern 3:18-cv-00989
13. Students Suing for a Constitutional Right to Education (
Submitted Thu 11/29/2018   Rhode Island 1:18-cv-00645
14. Drake Accuses Publishing Co. of Perpetuating Jewish Stereotypes as Lawsuit Heads to Trial (
Submitted Thu 11/29/2018   New York Southern 1:14-cv-02703
15. JAY-Z Reportedly Challenges Lawsuit Over His Use of Roc Nation Logo (
Submitted Wed 11/28/2018   New York Southern 1:17-cv-03096

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