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Tue 7/9/2019 -- by Juliette Fairley
When Rylan Aislee Koopmeiners's parents found a babysitter on in July 2012, they thought they were getting a vetted professional who would take care of their three-month-old girl. Instead, they got an erratic drinker who killed their baby, according to a federal lawsuit against the online marketplace.....
Wed 6/26/2019 -- by Jan Hill
McDonald's is currently facing 25 lawsuits and federal complaints that were filed May 21 in 20 American cities accusing the world's largest restaurant chain and its franchises of sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, and subsequent retaliation.....

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1. Chinese Tycoon Holed Up in Manhattan Hotel Is Accused of Spying for Beijing (
Submitted Mon 07/22/2019   New York Southern 1:18-cv-02185
2. Federal judge dismisses Stanford Group class action lawsuit, attorney files for reconsideration  - Baton Rouge Business Report (
Submitted Mon 07/22/2019   Louisiana Middle 3:19-cv-00138
3. Lindsey Vonn's personal trainer files federal antitrust lawsuit against Vail Health (
Submitted Mon 07/22/2019   Colorado 1:19-cv-02075
4. H-1B: Federal judge backs government's narrower view of 'specialty occupation' in tossing Indian woman's case (
Submitted Thu 07/18/2019   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-02860
5. Three States Sue Trump Administration Over Federal Tax Changes (
Submitted Thu 07/18/2019   New York Southern 1:19-cv-06642
6. Lawsuit Accusing Whole Foods of Overcharging Is Thrown Out (
Submitted Thu 07/18/2019   New York Southern 1:15-cv-05838
7. Lawsuit targets 'sanctuary cities' ban (
Submitted Wed 07/17/2019   Florida Southern 1:19-cv-22927
8. Civil rights groups file lawsuit challenging Trump asylum rule (
Submitted Wed 07/17/2019   California Northern 3:19-cv-04073
9. Landlords Challenge New York's Rent-Control Law in Federal Court (
Submitted Wed 07/17/2019   New York Eastern 1:19-cv-04087
10. Jeffrey Epstein willing to post $100 million bail (
Submitted Tue 07/16/2019   New York Southern 1:19-cr-00490
11. Black female officer files federal civil rights lawsuit against Ohio State Highway Patrol (
Submitted Mon 07/15/2019   Ohio Southern 2:19-cv-02932
12. North Dakota pulse marketer files Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 07/16/2019   North Dakota 3:19-bk-30359
13. Bankrupt Coal Miner Blackjewel Searches for Funding to Restart Operations (
Submitted Tue 07/16/2019   West Virginia Southern 3:19-bk-30289
14. Stearns Lending files Chapter 11 bankruptcy after mortgage interest rate increases (
Submitted Thu 07/11/2019   New York Southern 1:19-bk-12226
15. Officer's Confederate Flag Leads to Federal Lawsuit Against Connecticut's Dept. of Correction (
Submitted Thu 07/11/2019   Connecticut 3:19-cv-01063

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