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Mon 11/28/2016 -- by Johanna Mayer
The election of Donald Trump as President has already shattered many conventions, but one the Twitter-crazy billionaire hasn't taken on yet is trademarking some of his most infamous hashtags, #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain, #NotMyPresident....
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1. Scout Media Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Sat 12/10/2016   New York Southern 1:16-bk-13369
2. Man files lawsuit against city of Austin after being attack with stun gun (
Submitted Thu 12/08/2016   Texas Western 1:16-cv-01287
3. Lawsuit filed alleging New York ban on stun guns violates the Second Amendment (
Submitted Thu 12/08/2016   New York Northern 1:16-cv-01447
4. African Americans file discrimination lawsuit TimeWarner and its subsidiaries, CNN and Turner (
Submitted Thu 12/08/2016   Georgia Northern 1:16-cv-04506
5. Alaska Air agrees to settle lawsuit filed on behalf of 42 fliers and travel agents opposing Virgin America merger (
Submitted Thu 12/08/2016   California Northern 3:16-cv-05165
6. Lawsuit filed alleging man died of emotional distress after being forced to clean Walgreens bathroom (
Submitted Thu 12/08/2016   Florida Middle 6:16-cv-02093
7. Black workers file lawsuit against MVP Staffing alleging favoritism towards Hispanic applicants (
Submitted Wed 12/07/2016   Illinois Northern 1:16-cv-11086
8. Equal Rights Advocates files lawsuit against Stanford for failing to act on years of sexual assault (
Submitted Wed 12/07/2016   California Northern 3:16-cv-06973
9. Federal lawsuit filed against Memphis hotel after eight people contracted Legionnaire's disease (
Submitted Wed 12/07/2016   Tennessee Western 2:16-cv-02951
10. Colorado presidential electors file lawsuit to block Donald Trump from becoming president (
Submitted Wed 12/07/2016   Colorado 1:16-cv-02986
11. Governor Phil Bryant's attorneys ask federal appeals court not to revive lawsuit over Confederate emblem (
Submitted Wed 12/07/2016   Mississippi Southern 3:16-cv-00151
12. Federal lawsuit filed after St. Pete dumped gallons of raw sewage into bay (
Submitted Tue 12/06/2016   Florida Middle 8:16-cv-03319
13. Federal judge dismisses lawsuit requesting to remove "In God We Trust" from US currency (
Submitted Tue 12/06/2016   Ohio Northern 5:16-cv-00059
14. Jill Stein files federal lawsuit asking for a statewide recount of votes in Pennsylvania (
Submitted Tue 12/06/2016   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:16-cv-06287
15. Lawsuit filed by National Fair Housing Alliance accuses Fannie Mae of housing discrimination (
Submitted Tue 12/06/2016   California Northern 3:16-cv-06969
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