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Fri 1/19/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfield
PacerMonitor's look back at this week's most compelling bankruptcies....
Fri 1/12/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfield
Puerto Rican airline Seaborne Airlines' operator, SeaStar Holdings, filed for Chapter 11 in Delaware seeking a sale of the assets at auction with a stalking horse bid of $5m. The filing cited Hurricane Irma, which was followed only one week later by Hurricane Maria, as the main factor that pushed the company into bankruptcy....

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1. Federal court approves Walter Investment Management Corporation's prepackaged Chapter 11 plan (
Submitted Fri 01/19/2018   New York Southern 1:17-bk-13446
2. CyrusOne files federal lawsuit against Aurora after city approves Scientel plan (
Submitted Fri 01/19/2018   Illinois Northern 1:18-cv-00272
3. Five women file lawsuit over ordinance barring toplessness on Ocean City beaches (
Submitted Fri 01/19/2018   Maryland 1:18-cv-00145
4. Freedom From Religion Foundation and Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington File Lawsuit Over Ben Carson FOIA Rejections (
Submitted Fri 01/19/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-00114
5. Playboy is suing Boing Boing - but linking is not copyright infringement (
Submitted Thu 01/18/2018   California Central 2:17-cv-08140
6. Apple Will Make iPhone Throttling Optional. Lawsuit Plaintiffs Say "Too Late" (
Submitted Thu 01/18/2018   California Northern 5:18-cv-00324
7. Lawsuit filed against U.S. Steel for allegedly polluting Lake Michigan with toxic chromium (
Submitted Thu 01/18/2018   Indiana Northern 2:18-cv-00020
8. Gay couple files lawsuit against Vistaprint after receiving Satan pamphlets instead of wedding programs (
Submitted Thu 01/18/2018   Massachusetts 1:18-cv-10076
9. Denton man files lawsuit alleging police Taser projectile left him blind in left eye (
Submitted Thu 01/18/2018   Texas Eastern 4:17-cv-00811
10. Two Attorneys Generals file lawsuit against EPA seeking action on smog (
Submitted Thu 01/18/2018   New York Southern 1:18-cv-00406
11. Nurse files lawsuit alleging Denver Health fired her for being a Trump supporter (
Submitted Wed 01/17/2018   Colorado 1:18-cv-00081
12. Nanny files lawsuit against former Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski (
Submitted Wed 01/17/2018   California Northern 4:18-cv-00124
13. Judge dismisses part of Shipyard copyright infringement lawsuit against Missouri brewer Logboat (
Submitted Wed 01/17/2018   Missouri Western 2:17-cv-04079
14. TWiT files copyright infringement against Twitter alleging breach of contract (
Submitted Wed 01/17/2018   California Northern 3:18-cv-00341
15. Anthony Levandowski Faces New Claims of Stealing Trade Secrets (
Submitted Tue 01/16/2018   California Northern 3:18-cv-00124

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