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Wed 3/22/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Raspy-voiced Messy Mya, whose real name was Anthony Barre, made a name for himself on YouTube by poking fun at New Orleans passersby, but the deceased street performer may soon become more famous now that his family is suing pop star Beyonce for copyright infringement.....
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1. Man files lawsuit against Waffle House Inc. alleging damage to property (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   Alabama Northern 1:17-cv-00460
2. Lawsuit filed against Home Depot after supervisor murdered pregnant employee (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   Seventh Circuit 0:16-cv-01693
3. Lawsuit filed alleging that the Onagofly F115 drone is a "worthless product" (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   California Central 2:17-cv-02370
4. Federal lawsuit filed against owner of Moonlite drive-in theater (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   Virginia Western 1:17-cv-00012
5. Lawsuit filed on behalf of 8 victims of fatal Princess Anne carbon monoxide poisoning (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   Maryland 1:17-cv-00831
6. Westinghouse Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   New York Southern 1:17-bk-10751
7. Is the Ivy League's Admission Bias a "Trade Secret"? (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   District Of Columbia 1:17-cv-00485
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT against UNITED STATES DEPA...
8. A lawsuit over Costco golf balls shows why we can't have nice things cheap (
Submitted Tue 03/28/2017   Washington Western 2:17-cv-00423
9. Port Authority Bathroom Arrests Spur Lawsuit (
Submitted Tue 03/28/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-02192
10. Family of missing former FBI agent files lawsuit against the Islamic Republic (
Submitted Mon 03/27/2017   District Of Columbia 1:17-cv-00511
11. CHC Group emerges from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy after receiving $300M in new capital (
Submitted Mon 03/27/2017   Texas Northern 3:16-bk-31854
12. Federal lawsuit filed against Eatsa alleging food chain provides inadequate services to customers with visual impairments (
Submitted Mon 03/27/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-02096
13. Courthouse News Service files lawsuit accusing Vermont court system of concealing court records (
Submitted Mon 03/27/2017   Vermont 2:17-cv-00043
14. KCST USA files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Fri 03/24/2017   Massachusetts 4:17-bk-40501
15. P10 Industries files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Fri 03/24/2017   Texas Western 5:17-bk-50635
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