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Thu 7/21/2022 -- by Jan Hill
Two former Tesla workers recently filed a federal lawsuit alleging the electric-car manufacturer violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act when it failed to provide the required notice to about 500 employees who were laid off from its battery factory in Sparks, Nevada. The case, filed June 19, followed news that Tesla planned to cut hourly workers after CEO Elon Musk initially said that nonexempt workers were not likely to be affected by the layoffs. The WARN Act requires companies to provide a 60-day notice before any layoff affecting 50 or more employees at a single site. The plaintiffs worked at the plant for approximately five years. One was notified on June 10 that he'd been terminated, effective immediately, and the other was terminated on June 15. Tesla argues that advanced notice was not required and the case should be thrown out because the terminated workers signed contracts preventing them from participating in class action lawsuits and stipulating that employment disputes would be settled in arbitration. In response, the lawyers representing the Nevada workers laid off in mid-June have filed an emergency motion asking the judge to stop Tesla from compelling workers to sign releases in exchange for one week of severance, which is less than federal law provides.....
Thu 7/21/2022 -- by Jan Hill
Customers expect their bank to safeguard their money, not use it to increase their own bottom line wrongfully. Yet many U.S. banks rely on overdraft fees to increase profits and revenue. According to Moebs Services, a financial industry market research company, banks generated an estimated $34.5 billion from overdraft fees in 2018 alone. Years ago, when most people paid their bills by putting a check in the mail, bank regulators created a general exemption known as an "overdraft," which allowed banks to cover the customer who inadvertently put a check in the mail too early. However, with the inception of debit cards, these overdraft fees have evolved from a customer convenience into a reliable, bread and butter source of revenue for many retail banks. However, this dependable revenue source has prompted expensive class-action lawsuits for many banks. Indiana-based German American Bancorp Inc. recently agreed to pay over $3 million to settle a class-action lawsuit claiming the bank wrongly charged customers overdraft (OD) fees, even if their accounts had sufficient funds to pay for transactions when purchases were made. One plaintiff in the case alleged that she was issued an overdraft fee for an $18 transaction - even though she had over $19,000 in her Bancorp checking account - and was improperly charged more than $400 in overdraft fees between 2017 and 2019.....

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Submitted Wed 08/03/2022   Delaware 1:22-bk-10657
2. Delaware gun groups file federal lawsuit against assault weapons ban (
Submitted Mon 07/25/2022   Delaware 1:22-cv-00951
3. Woman files federal lawsuit claiming abuse by Mobile Police officer (
Submitted Mon 07/25/2022   Alabama Southern 1:22-cv-00237
4. Mobile Police K-9 handlers file federal lawsuit against City (
Submitted Mon 07/25/2022   Alabama Southern 1:22-cv-00289
5. Johnson's Pond owner files lawsuit in federal court (
Submitted Thu 07/21/2022   Rhode Island 1:22-cv-00266
6. Skittles Are Toxic, Federal Lawsuit Claims (
Submitted Mon 07/25/2022   California Northern 3:22-cv-04145
7. 2021-22 Mustang Mach-E owners slap Ford with federal lawsuit over safety defect (
Submitted Thu 07/14/2022   California Eastern 2:22-cv-01154
8. Federal appeals court upholds dismissal of Tubby estate lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 07/14/2022   Seventh Circuit 0:21-cv-02101
9. A U.S. judge rules that Subway can be sued over its '100% tuna' claim (
Submitted Thu 07/14/2022   California Northern 4:21-cv-00498
10. Celsius Network Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 07/14/2022   New York Southern 1:22-bk-10964
11. Federal judge rules against parents in lawsuit over Sun Prairie school's 'slave assignment' (
Submitted Thu 07/14/2022   Wisconsin Western 3:21-cv-00366
12. Federal judge throws out Sean Spicer lawsuit over dismissal from Navy board (
Submitted Thu 07/14/2022   District Of Columbia 1:21-cv-02493
13. In Federal Lawsuit, Former Southwest Attendant Claims She Was Canned over Anti-Abortion Beliefs (
Submitted Mon 07/11/2022   Texas Northern 3:17-cv-02278
14. Tribes in ND get a win in federal court (
Submitted Mon 07/11/2022   North Dakota 3:22-cv-00022
15. Federal judge dismisses most claims in major NYPD arrest quotas lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 07/11/2022   New York Southern 1:15-cv-06885

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