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Tue 2/21/2017 -- by Lisa Allen
In a Jan. 27 story, PacerMonitor told readers that intellectual property would be something to watch in the retail industry after J. Crew Group Inc. and Claire's Stores Inc. stunned their lenders by transferring IP to unrestricted subsidiaries in the second half of last year, moving a key source of value away from existing debtholders....
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1. The Secret to Avoiding Taxes on $6 Million: Exports and an IRA (
Submitted Sat 02/25/2017   Sixth Circuit 0:16-tx-01712
2. Former SunEdison Executives File Whistleblower Lawsuits (
Submitted Sat 02/25/2017   New York Southern 1:16-bk-10992 Maryland 8:17-cv-00515 Maryland 8:17-cv-00516
3. One Man's Bid to Clear His Name Online: 4 Years, $3 Million and Some Dead Turtles (
Submitted Sat 02/25/2017   Nevada 2:12-cv-01401
4. How Nasty Gal Went From an $85 Million Company to Bankruptcy (
Submitted Sat 02/25/2017   California Central 2:16-bk-24862
5. Alphabet's Waymo Sues Uber Over Self-Driving Car Secrets (
Submitted Fri 02/24/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-00939
6. Alphabet's Waymo Sues Uber for Stealing Self-Driving Patents (
Submitted Thu 02/23/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-00939
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT
7. ACLU files lawsuit against City of Milwaukee over police department's abusive stop and frisk practices (
Submitted Thu 02/23/2017   Wisconsin Eastern 2:17-cv-00234
8. Owner of Second Chance rehabilitation program pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud (
Submitted Thu 02/23/2017   Illinois Southern 3:14-bk-31659
9. Federal judge denies request for more people to join Lunada Bay Boys lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 02/23/2017   California Central 2:16-cv-02129
10. Citizens file federal lawsuit after being placed on Memphis Police's "blacklist" (
Submitted Thu 02/23/2017   Tennessee Western 2:17-cv-02120
11. ACLU files lawsuit alleging St. Louis County police searched home without warrant (
Submitted Wed 02/22/2017   Missouri Eastern 4:17-cv-00767
12. Star of Life Below Zero files lawsuit alleging she was forced to film unsafe segments (
Submitted Wed 02/22/2017   Alaska 3:17-cv-00032
13. Tampa Bay Bucaneers reach settlement with former kicker Lawrence Tynes in MRSA lawsuit (
Submitted Wed 02/22/2017   Florida Middle 8:15-cv-01594
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