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Fri 3/23/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfield
No stranger to headlines, The Weinstein Company filed for chapter 11 to facilitate a sale of the company after numerous deals fell through prior to the filling. The company faced stress and scrutiny after co-founder Harvey Weinstein was fired amidst countless sexual misconduct allegations. ....
Fri 3/9/2018 -- by Christopher Mayfield
Shoe retailer The Walking Company filed for chapter 11 for the second time in 10 years after the loss of a major contract with Decker Outdoor Corp., maker of UGGs. The contract expiration pulled UGGs from the retailer in late 2016, and the company struggled in 2017. It was unable to recover from the lost revenue, leading to a reduction in available credit from lender Wells Fargo.....

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1. Lawsuit alleges Saudi, Iran support for 9/11 hijackers (
Submitted Fri 03/23/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-00554
2. Lawsuit alleges Costa Mesa's sober-living regulations are discriminatory and unconstitutional (
Submitted Fri 03/23/2018   California Central 8:18-cv-00329
3. Federal lawsuit: Woman says local nonprofit leader 'masturbated in front of her' (
Submitted Fri 03/23/2018   Tennessee Middle 3:18-cv-00295
4. South Bend files opioid lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 03/23/2018   Indiana Northern 3:18-cv-00206
5. NE State, ETSU, others face discrimination lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 03/23/2018   Tennessee Eastern 2:18-cv-00041
6. Endangered WV crayfish at center of federal lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 03/23/2018   West Virginia Northern 2:18-cv-00030
7. Malcom Maddox out at WXYZ after suit accuses him of sexual harassment (
Submitted Thu 03/22/2018   Michigan Eastern 2:18-cv-10735
8. Another federal lawsuit against Louisiana College alleges discrimination (
Submitted Thu 03/22/2018   Louisiana Western 1:18-cv-00387
9. Ozzy Osbourne Brings Antitrust Lawsuit Against AEG for Tying London and L.A. Venues (
Submitted Thu 03/22/2018   California Central 2:18-cv-02310
10. Federal lawsuit alleges Ohio landlord offered free rent for sex (
Submitted Thu 03/22/2018   Ohio Southern 1:18-cv-00194
11. Lawsuit filed alleges kindergartners sexually assaulted classmate (
Submitted Thu 03/22/2018   Michigan Western 1:18-cv-00309
12. Waitresses claim in federal lawsuit they were groped, grabbed at IHOP (
Submitted Thu 03/22/2018   Illinois Southern 3:17-cv-01002
13. Margo Kline Sues Hawks, Alleges Discrimination Against White Employees (
Submitted Wed 03/21/2018   Georgia Northern 1:18-cv-01132
14. Paterson man accuses city police of brutality in federal lawsuit (
Submitted Wed 03/21/2018   New Jersey 2:18-cv-03241
15. Student accuses former CNM tutor of harassment, assault (
Submitted Wed 03/21/2018   New Mexico 1:18-cv-00118

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