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Fri 5/26/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Chain of 58 Medical Centers Eases Financial Pain in Bankruptcy Court   21st Century Oncology Holdings and 57 affiliates sought relief from up to $10 billion in liabilities. Interim CEO Paul Rundell signed off on the petition, which was filed in the Southern District of New York. The company owes ......
Fri 5/26/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Mary Bush lives 20 minutes away from her 86-year-old mother in West Chester, Pa., but she's not allowed to visit. In fact, Ms. Bush hasn't seen her mother, Genevieve Bush, in 16 months because she was restricted from setting foot inside the Park Lane nursing home where the elderly ......

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1. Lawsuit filed against Good Earth Power AZ by two workers who allegedly did not receive promised salaries (
Submitted Thu 05/25/2017   Arizona 2:17-cv-01368
2. Lawsuit filed after friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect shot during questioning by agents (
Submitted Thu 05/25/2017   Florida Middle 6:17-cv-00919
3. Lawsuit filed against Mississippi state lawmakers who urged lynching people supporting the removal of Confederate Monuments (
Submitted Thu 05/25/2017   Mississippi Southern 3:17-cv-00408
4. Hu Honua Bioenergy reaches settlement in antitrust lawsuit against Hawaiian Light Co (
Submitted Thu 05/25/2017   Hawaii 1:16-cv-00634
5. Lawsuit claims passengers incur hidden charges with Uber's "upfront" pricing model (
Submitted Thu 05/25/2017   New York Eastern 1:17-cv-03139
6. Ooyala Sues Brightcove | Multichannel (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   Massachusetts 1:17-cv-10943
7. Federal judge rules against BuzzFeed in libel lawsuit over anti-Trump dossier (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   Florida Southern 0:17-cv-60426
8. ACLU's lawsuit on behalf of a resident forced to remove anti-Trump signs heads to federal court (
Submitted Thu 05/25/2017   Delaware 1:17-cv-00582
9. Federal Appeals Court allows Wikimedia to pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   Maryland 1:15-cv-00662
10. PayPal files lawsuit against Pandora over logo similarities (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-03816
11. Several men and women arrested during Michael Brelo Acquittal Protest file lawsuit (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   Ohio Northern 1:17-cv-01074
12. Federal lawsuit claims Texas Child Protective Services discriminates against black children (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   Texas Southern 4:17-cv-00538
13. Skip Barber Racing School files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to massive debt (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   New York Southern 4:17-bk-35871
14. Family of man tasered to death file lawsuit against City of Greenwood (
Submitted Wed 05/24/2017   Indiana Southern 1:17-cv-01698
15. Harbour Town Yacht Club files lawsuit against insurance company over its refusal to cover damages from Hurricane Matthew (
Submitted Mon 05/22/2017   South Carolina 9:17-cv-01262

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