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Tue 4/19/2022 -- by Jan Hill
New Jersey contractor Hanna "John" Ayoub paid $2,309 to extend the rental of a Dodge Ram from Hertz Car Rental at the Wilmington, Del., train station in April 2019. Unfortunately, in a twist that isn't as rare as one might think, the transaction resulted in three months of jail time for Ayoub - along with the loss of his home, business and tools - after Hertz accused him of stealing the truck. "They said that they had no record of the extension on the vehicle despite speaking to them a day before and receiving confirmation," Ayoub said. "Everything just turned into a nightmare from that point onward." Along with more than 180 former Hertz customers, Ayoub is now suing the company for $529.7 million in federal bankruptcy court. The plaintiffs claim that they were detained by police, arrested and sometimes sent to jail for "stealing" cars that they had legally rented. Hertz filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May 2020 to restructure its business and unload $19 billion in debt after the pandemic left the company with a fleet of 700,000 cars that nobody wanted to rent. ....
Tue 4/12/2022 -- by Jan Hill
With April 18 fast approaching, many U.S. taxpayers scrambling to file their income taxes are in for a disappointing realization: Although the well-known proverb says, "the best things in life are free," TurboTax may or may not be one of them. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed a federal complaint against Intuit, the maker of TurboTax software, alleging that the company misleads consumers by advertising free tax filing that many cannot use. The lawsuit centers on customers who allegedly started the filing process on TurboTax's Free Edition but ultimately had to pay. The FTC complaint asks the court to stop Intuit's "false advertising" immediately. It has also filed an administrative complaint charging that the company's advertising practices are illegal because they violate the FTC Act. The commission alleges that although the company has "bombarded" consumers with advertisements for free tax filing services for years, approximately two-thirds of those who filed taxes in 2020 - including gig economy workers and those earning farm income - cannot use TurboTax's free product. ....

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Submitted Thu 05/12/2022   Michigan Western 1:22-bk-00818
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Submitted Thu 05/12/2022   Texas Southern 4:22-bk-90039
3. Armstrong Flooring files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 05/12/2022   Delaware 1:22-bk-10426
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Submitted Thu 05/12/2022   New York Western 2:22-bk-20220
5. Ellwood Medical Center debtor files bankruptcy complaint (
Submitted Wed 04/27/2022   Kentucky Eastern 6:22-ap-06021
6. GWG Holdings files for Chapter 11 insolvency (
Submitted Wed 04/27/2022   Texas Southern 4:22-bk-90032
7. Sungard files second Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 04/27/2022   Texas Southern 4:22-bk-90018
8. Illinois trucking company files for bankruptcy after nuclear verdict (
Submitted Wed 04/27/2022   Illinois Central 2:22-bk-90165
9. Alex Jones' Infowars Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy After Sandy Hook Lawsuits (
Submitted Mon 04/18/2022   Texas Southern 6:22-bk-60020
10. Lifespace CCRC Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Sues Landlord (
Submitted Mon 04/18/2022   Texas Northern 3:22-bk-30659
11. Hyde Park developer files for bankruptcy to forestall foreclosure (
Submitted Thu 04/07/2022   New York Southern 4:22-bk-35169
12. Ohio energy aggregator Volunteer Energy files for bankruptcy protection; what happens to customers? (
Submitted Mon 04/04/2022   Ohio Southern 2:22-bk-50804
13. MD Helicopters Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Mon 04/04/2022   Delaware 1:22-bk-10263
14. Braeburn Alloy files for bankruptcy, proposes sale to new owner (
Submitted Thu 04/07/2022   Delaware 1:22-bk-10252
15. Black News Channel Files for Bankruptcy With Up to $50 Million in Debt (
Submitted Thu 04/07/2022   Florida Northern 4:22-bk-40087

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