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1. San Jose, activist group file federal lawsuit over 2020 Census citizenship question (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   California Northern 5:18-cv-02279
2. Judge dismisses lawsuit against Duke stemming from sexual assault allegation (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   North Carolina Middle 1:16-cv-01038
3. Judge dismisses Seidle children's $10M lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   New Jersey 3:17-cv-04428
4. Nothing sweet about Junior Mints lawsuit, candy company says (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   New York Southern 1:17-cv-07541
5. Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 campaign (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   New York Southern 1:18-cv-03501
6. Lance Armstrong Settles Federal Fraud Case for $5 Million (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   District Of Columbia 1:10-cv-00976
7. Barber Transportation, city's school bus operator, files for bankruptcy protection (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   Maryland 1:18-bk-14964
8. EMSA sues former ambulance contractor over attorney fees in kickbacks lawsuit (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   Oklahoma Northern 4:18-cv-00216
9. Federal Appeals Court Finds State's Drug Price-Gouging Law Unconstitutional (
Submitted Thu 04/19/2018   Fourth Circuit
10. Sunflower seed companies reach settlement in lawsuit over labeling claims (
Submitted Thu 04/19/2018   North Dakota 3:17-cv-00242
11. Lawsuit: Michigan medical center let patients choose caregiver by race (
Submitted Thu 04/19/2018   Michigan Western 1:18-cv-00405
12. Local sailor part of federal lawsuit challenging military ban (
Submitted Thu 04/19/2018   Washington Western 2:17-cv-01297
13. Closed Fresno restaurant files counter-suit against former ADA plaintiff (
Submitted Thu 04/19/2018   California Eastern 1:17-cv-00823
14. Lyft drivers' lawsuit against Uber over 'Hell' program isn't over (
Submitted Fri 04/20/2018   California Northern 3:17-cv-02264
15. Ohio violated Planned Parenthoods freedom of speech in effort to defund it, federal court rules (
Submitted Thu 04/19/2018   Sixth Circuit 0:16-cv-04027

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