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Fri 8/18/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Caramel Taxi LLC and multiple affiliates, such as Panda, Hot Fudge and Donkey Taxi, sought protection from creditors in District of New Jersey. The chapter 11 petition, disclosed up to $10 million in liabilities, was signed by Managing Member Evgeny A. Freidman, who was arrested for allegedly stealing more than $5 million dollars that should have been paid to the state of New York, according to media reports.....
Wed 8/16/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Controversy over the Washington Redskins? trademark lingered in the background for years before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) canceled its registration in 2014 after a Native American advocacy group led by Amanda Blackhorse raised concerns about the allegedly disparaging quality of the football team?s name and logo.....

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1. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Mon 08/21/2017   Wisconsin Eastern 2:17-bk-28077
2. Pair files lawsuit against Detroit's City Clerk in an effort to reverse Detroit arena funding (
Submitted Mon 08/21/2017   Michigan Eastern 2:17-cv-12726
3. Battery maker Alevo Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Mon 08/21/2017   North Carolina Middle 6:17-bk-50876
4. ACLU files lawsuit claiming Nebraska prison system is overcrowded (
Submitted Thu 08/17/2017   Nebraska 4:17-cv-03107
5. Parents of U-W Madison student file lawsuit against John Cabot University after son found dead in Italian River (
Submitted Thu 08/17/2017   Wisconsin Western 3:17-cv-00621
6. BMS spectator files $2 million personal injury lawsuit against Speedway Motorsports (
Submitted Thu 08/17/2017   Tennessee Eastern 2:17-cv-00138
7. Woman files federal lawsuit over Punkin Chunkin accident after being critically injured (
Submitted Thu 08/17/2017   Delaware 1:17-cv-01151
8. Political commentator Dean Obeidallah files defamation lawsuit against Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer (
Submitted Thu 08/17/2017   Ohio Southern 2:17-cv-00720
9. Family sues City of Sunnyside, claims they were the victim of a harassment campaign (
Submitted Wed 08/16/2017   Washington Eastern 1:17-cv-03133
10. Baylor University settles rape lawsuit filed by former female student (
Submitted Wed 08/16/2017   Texas Western 6:16-cv-00069
11. Crossroads Systems files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 08/16/2017   Texas Western 5:17-bk-51926
12. Flo's Restaurants files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 08/16/2017   Arizona 2:17-bk-09181
13. Costco owes Tiffany more than $19 million for selling counterfeit engagement rings (
Submitted Mon 08/14/2017   New York Southern 1:13-cv-01041
14. Two Colorado presidential electors file lawsuit against Secretary of State Wayne Williams (
Submitted Wed 08/16/2017   Colorado 1:17-cv-01937
15. U.S. judge says LinkedIn cannot block startup from public profile data (
Submitted Mon 08/14/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-03301

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