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Tue 2/12/2019 -- by Juliette Fairley
"No matter what your stature is in our society, everyone is expected to play by the rules, and those who do not will be held accountable and brought to justice"......
Wed 2/6/2019 -- by Jan Hill
Land condemnation cases filed by the Department of Justice are currently pending in the Southern District of Texas, where President Trump wants to build 104 miles of bollard fencing. ....

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1. Winning the Blackbird Battle (
Submitted Thu 02/14/2019   Federal Circuit 0:18-cvpri-01644
2. William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer (
Submitted Tue 02/12/2019   District Of Columbia 1:18-cr-00310
3. Robert Allen Duralee Group files for bankruptcy (
Submitted Wed 02/13/2019   New York Eastern 8:19-bk-71023
4. Avadel Pharmaceuticals Announces Restructuring to Focus on FT218 Clinical Development Program (
Submitted Wed 02/13/2019   Delaware 1:19-bk-10248
5. New England Motor Freight Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Wind Down Trucking Operations (
Submitted Wed 02/13/2019   New Jersey 2:19-bk-12809
6. Ditech files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for second time in 14 months (
Submitted Tue 02/12/2019   New York Southern 1:19-bk-10412
7. KPMG Ex-Partner Goes on Trial in 'Steal the Exam' Scandal (
Submitted Tue 02/12/2019   New York Southern 1:18-cr-00036
8. Bankruptcy Judge Says He Will Approve Lampert Purchase of Sears (
Submitted Fri 02/08/2019   New York Southern 7:18-bk-23538
9. Federal Prosecutors Aim to Block Safe-Injection Sites in Philadelphia (
Submitted Thu 02/07/2019   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:19-cv-00519
10. Lawsuit claims Apple's iOS updates in 2016 forced customers to buy new iPhone chargers (
Submitted Tue 02/05/2019   California Central 2:19-cv-00829
11. MoviePass has been hit with a lawsuit from subscribers alleging it's a 'bait and switch' scheme (
Submitted Tue 02/05/2019   New York Southern 1:19-cv-01039
12. New Details on Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Health Venture Emerge in Court Battle (
Submitted Thu 01/31/2019   Massachusetts 1:19-cv-10101
13. Judge rejects proposed settlement to Yahoo data breach lawsuit (
Submitted Tue 01/29/2019   California Northern 5:16-md-02752
14. NFL removes Rams-Saints lawsuit to federal court (
Submitted Tue 01/29/2019   Louisiana Eastern 2:19-cv-00566
15. Startup wants Quicken Loans to pay $740M in Texas trade secrets case (
Submitted Thu 01/24/2019   Texas Western 5:18-cv-00519

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