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Thu 6/21/2018 -- by Juliette Fairely
There's little doubt the consumer giant will eventually sell prescription drugs directly to consumers, according to a report by Joshua Cohen, an independent healthcare analyst.....
Mon 6/18/2018 -- by Juliette Fairely
McFarland strikes again.. ....

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1. Guatemalan mother reunited with 7-year-old son after suing federal government to find him (
Submitted Fri 06/22/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-01445
2. Class-action lawsuit against Hobby Lobby says company's 'never ending' sales are deceptive (
Submitted Fri 06/22/2018   Florida Northern 3:18-cv-01388
3. Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Whistle-blower (
Submitted Fri 06/22/2018   Nevada 3:18-cv-00296
4. Rapper Lil Kim May Have Bankruptcy Claim Dismissed (
Submitted Thu 06/21/2018   New Jersey 2:18-bk-19397
5. Tesla sues ex-employee for hacking, theft, and leaking to the press (
Submitted Wed 06/20/2018   Nevada 2:18-cv-01088
6. New lawsuit challenges Trump administration over family separation (
Submitted Wed 06/20/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-01445
7. Bucks rookie Sterling Brown sues Milwaukee police, saying tasing violated his civil rights (
Submitted Tue 06/19/2018   Wisconsin Eastern 2:18-cv-00922
8. American Airlines agrees to pay $45 million to settle antitrust lawsuit filed by passengers (
Submitted Tue 06/19/2018   District Of Columbia 1:15-mc-01404
9. Fujifilm Sues Xerox for More Than $1 Billion After Canceled Merger (
Submitted Tue 06/19/2018   New York Southern 1:18-cv-05458
10. Michigan Fires Back on Free Speech Lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 06/18/2018   Michigan Eastern 4:18-cv-11451
11. How The Walking Co. Plans to Emerge From Bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 06/19/2018   Delaware 1:18-bk-10474
12. Documents released in Harvard admissions lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 06/18/2018   Massachusetts 1:14-cv-14176
13. University of Central Florida fraternity members accused of posting revenge porn on Facebook (
Submitted Fri 06/15/2018   Florida Middle 6:18-cv-00922
14. Tech-support scam against elderly costs Bay Area man $136,000 (
Submitted Thu 06/14/2018   California Northern 3:18-cv-01096
15. Lawsuit Claims $1.6-Billion Toyota-Mazda Factory Could Push Fish Species To Extinction (
Submitted Wed 06/13/2018   District Of Columbia 1:18-cv-01375

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