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Fri 1/18/2019 -- by Christopher Mayfield
PacerMonitor's look back on the week's most compelling filings: Gymboree, Shopko, Innovative Mattress Solutions....
Thu 1/10/2019 -- by Jan Hill
A new federal lawsuit is alleging that public schools in Rhode Island are failing to adequately prepare students to perform their civic duties. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of 14 students and believed to be a first of its kind in the U.S., claims the state's governor, Department of Education, and leaders of the General Assembly have failed to give students adequate knowledge about the workings of government necessary to perform civic duties like voting, exercising free speech, petitioning the government and exercising all their constitutional rights.....

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1. Pinkerton Detectives Still Exist, and They're Tired of Being the Bad Guys (
Submitted Mon 01/21/2019   New York Southern 1:19-cv-00338
2. Shopko Stores files for bankruptcy, plans 100 store closings (
Submitted Fri 01/18/2019   Nebraska 8:19-bk-80064
3. Children's clothing retailer Gymboree will begin closing its doors after filing for bankruptcy (
Submitted Fri 01/18/2019   Virginia Eastern 3:19-bk-30258
4. Gymboree Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Again (
Submitted Fri 01/18/2019   Virginia Eastern 3:19-bk-30258
5. Stormy Daniels files lawsuit against Columbus police vice officers (
Submitted Tue 01/15/2019   Ohio Southern 2:19-cv-00119
6. Federal court blocks Trump administration's plan to add a citizenship question to 2020 census (
Submitted Tue 01/15/2019   New York Southern 1:18-cv-02921
7. Toymaker sues Louis Vuitton for the right to keep making pooey purses (
Submitted Fri 01/11/2019   California Central 2:18-cv-10758
8. Marriott data breach may be the biggest in history. Now it?s facing multiple class-action lawsuits. (
Submitted Mon 01/14/2019   Maryland 8:19-cv-00094
9. Netflix Sued Over Alleged 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Trademark Infringement (
Submitted Mon 01/14/2019   Vermont 2:19-cv-00008
10. Au pairs to receive $65.5 million settlement in Denver lawsuit (
Submitted Thu 01/10/2019   Colorado 1:14-cv-03074
11. Angel Medical Systems wins approval for Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan (
Submitted Fri 01/11/2019   Delaware 1:18-bk-12903
12. Gigi's Cupcakes Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - Williamson Source (
Submitted Fri 01/11/2019   Texas Northern 4:19-bk-40072
13. Mother alleges hazing at sorority in lawsuit over daughter's suicide (
Submitted Thu 01/10/2019   Illinois Northern 1:19-cv-00147
14. Judge dismisses part of Judd lawsuit against Weinstein (
Submitted Thu 01/10/2019   California Central 2:18-cv-05724
15. Court Rules Colorado Cannot Block Baker?s Lawsuit Over State?s Hostility Toward His Beliefs (
Submitted Tue 01/08/2019   Colorado 1:18-cv-02074

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