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Fri 7/21/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
ASA Lodging LLC is seeking a reprieve from $10 million in liabilities in the Northern District of Indiana of which $2 million is a lien owed to First Citizens Bank. The Chapter 11 pleading was signed by Jagtar Otal, who filed for personal bankruptcy in June after being sued jointly in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California for allegedly defaulting on Small Business Administration loans in the amount of $981,249.23, $1,294,577.04 and $1,252,674.84. Mr. Otal was also named in a federal complaint filed in March 2017 against Guru Lodging LLC in March by Choice Hotels International Inc in the U.S. District Court of Maryland.....
Wed 7/19/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
When Scott Barrow admitted his 94-year-old mother Elizabeth Barrow to Brandon Woods of Dartmouth nursing home in Massachusetts, he signed an agreement that  provided for any legal claim to be resolved in binding arbitration. Some three years later in 2009, Ms. Barrow was allegedly murdered by her roommate and Mr. Barrow filed a wrongful death action in the Massachusetts Superior Court.....

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1. St. Charles School District asks judge to dismiss copyright lawsuit filed by ex-staffer (
Submitted Thu 07/20/2017   Illinois Northern 1:17-cv-03402
2. Former teacher aid files lawsuit, claims she was fired from Brooklyn Daycare due to her pregnancy (
Submitted Thu 07/20/2017   New York Eastern 1:17-cv-03401
3. Lawsuit filed over Wisconsin Hunter Harassment Law (
Submitted Thu 07/20/2017   Wisconsin Western 3:17-cv-00549
4. Author files copyright infringement lawsuit against Netflix over original film Burning Sands (
Submitted Thu 07/20/2017   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:17-cv-03212
5. Lawsuit filed alleges Ohio police fatally shot and wounded black man without justification (
Submitted Thu 07/20/2017   Ohio Southern 2:17-cv-00630
6. Paragon Offshore emerges from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (
Submitted Thu 07/20/2017   Delaware 1:16-bk-10386
7. Kanye West responds to class action lawsuit over 'Life of Pablo" Exclusivity (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   California Northern 4:16-cv-02013
8. Family of girls injured in Ferris wheel at the Green County Fair file lawsuit (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   Tennessee Eastern 2:17-cv-00116
9. Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by Raging Grannies to ban trains carrying fossil fuels (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   Washington Eastern 2:17-cv-00046
10. Washington Township police officer files whistleblower lawsuit over assemblyman arrest (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   New Jersey 1:17-cv-05120
11. NAACP files lawsuit against Trump's voter commission alleging racially discriminatory intent (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-05427
12. Bluewater Music files lawsuit against Spotify alleging they failed to obtain proper licenses to stream songs (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   Tennessee Middle 3:17-cv-01051
13. ACLJ files second lawsuit against the NSA over government records related to Susan Rice "Unmasking" scandal (
Submitted Wed 07/19/2017   District Of Columbia 1:17-cv-01425
14. Prominent Carpet Manufacturer Files for Bankruptcy (
Submitted Tue 07/18/2017   Georgia Northern 4:17-bk-41677
15. Ori Feibush files lawsuit against Kenyatta Johnson over Point Breeze real estate (
Submitted Mon 07/17/2017   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:17-cv-03134

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