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1. How the Flash Crash Trader Lost His $50 Million Fortune (
Submitted Fri 02/10/2017   Illinois Northern 1:15-cr-00075
2. Trial Reveals Deep Ties Between Pair of Doctors and Fentanyl Maker (
Submitted Sat 02/04/2017   Alabama Southern 1:15-cr-00088
3. Ex-Bond Trader Jesse Litvak Acted like Used-Car Salesman, His Attorney Argues (
Submitted Fri 01/06/2017   Connecticut 3:13-cr-00019
4. Trials of Compounding Pharmacists Facing Murder Charges Draw Closer (
Submitted Wed 01/04/2017   Massachusetts 1:14-cr-10363
5. Jesse Litvak, A Symbol of the Government Crackdown on Wall Street, Goes on Trial Again (
Submitted Wed 01/04/2017   Connecticut 3:13-cr-00019
6. Scammer who targeted seniors pleads guilty in federal court (
Submitted Tue 11/29/2016   New York Western 1:14-cr-00032
Docket #162.0 - PLEA AGREEMENT as to Corey Anthony...
7. Former Autonomy Financial Chief Indicted on Felony Fraud Charges (
Submitted Sat 11/12/2016   California Northern 3:16-cr-00462
8. U.S. Drug Smuggling Trial of Venezuelan Leader Nicolás Maduro's Nephews Begins (
Submitted Tue 11/08/2016   New York Southern 1:15-cr-00765
9. Ex-Suffolk County Police Chief Sentenced to Prison (
Submitted Thu 11/03/2016   New York Eastern 2:15-cr-00627
10. U.S. Charges Three With Exporting Banned Microelectronics to Russia (
Submitted Fri 10/07/2016   New York Eastern 1:16-mj-00893
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT and affidavit in support o...
11. Silk Road Founder Pins Hope of Appeal on Agents? Theft (
Submitted Thu 10/06/2016   New York Southern 1:14-cr-00068
12. The Pill Makers Next Door: How America's Opioid Crisis Is Spreading (
Submitted Thu 10/06/2016   California Northern 3:16-cr-00259
13. Federal Complaint filed against suspect behind NY and NJ bombings (
Submitted Wed 09/21/2016   New York Southern 1:16-mj-06009
14. Court denies the media access to Bridgegate conspirator list (
Submitted Thu 09/08/2016   New Jersey 2:15-cr-00193
15. Florida Computer Programmer Arrested For Hacking (
Submitted Sat 09/03/2016   Florida Southern 1:16-mj-03168
16. Son of Russian Lawmaker Convicted in Hacking Case (
Submitted Fri 08/26/2016   Washington Western 2:11-cr-00070
17. Citing Clinton, sailor seeks leniency in submarine photos case (
Submitted Mon 08/15/2016   Connecticut 3:15-cr-00131
18. N.Y. Drug Trafficker Sentenced to More Than 15 Years (
Submitted Sat 07/30/2016   New York Southern 7:15-cr-00005
19. Former Port Authority Chairman Pleads Guilty in Corruption Probe (
Submitted Fri 07/15/2016   New Jersey 2:16-cr-00334
20. In first, U.S. judge throws out cell phone 'stingray' evidence (
Submitted Wed 07/13/2016   New York Southern 1:15-cr-00734
Docket #30.0 - OPINION & ORDER
21. Notable & Quotable: The FBI on Classified Material (
Submitted Thu 07/07/2016   California Eastern 2:15-cr-00145
22. Andrew W.W. Caspersen Pleads Guilty to Stealing Millions From Investors (
Submitted Thu 07/07/2016   New York Southern 1:16-cr-00414
23. Home Computers Connected to the Internet Aren't Private, Court Rules (
Submitted Fri 07/01/2016   Virginia Eastern 4:16-cr-00016
24. Judge Says FBI Can Hack Computers Without A Warrant Because Computer Users Get Hacked All The Time (
Submitted Fri 06/24/2016   Virginia Eastern 4:16-cr-00016
25. The FBI Is Classifying Its Tor Browser Exploit Because 'National Security' (
Submitted Fri 06/24/2016   Virginia Eastern 2:16-cr-00036
26. Pennsylvania Congressman Chaka Fattah Convicted in Racketeering Case (
Submitted Wed 06/22/2016   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:15-cr-00346
27. Without Code, Judge Tosses Evidence in Child Porn Case (
Submitted Thu 06/02/2016   Washington Western 3:15-cr-05351
28. Former DEA Employees Face Trial Over Strip Club Connections (
Submitted Tue 05/31/2016   New York Southern 1:15-cr-00692
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT
29. Romanian hacker who says he breached Clinton server finalizing plea deal (
Submitted Mon 05/23/2016   Virginia Eastern 1:14-cr-00213
30. Digital currency firm co-founder gets 10 years in prison in U.S. case (
Submitted Mon 05/16/2016   New York Southern 1:13-cr-00368