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Wed 6/21/2017 -- by Jan Hill
Reminiscent of David and Goliath, several independent musicians from Queens are taking on Amazon in two separate class action lawsuits filed in a New York federal court. The cases, Yesh Music v. Amazon and Cupolo v. Amazon, allege the retail and music streaming giant failed to obtain the licenses required to offer plaintiffs? and potential class members? music on Amazon Prime and other Amazon-related music services.....

Fri 6/16/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Gymboree Corp., citing consumers? preference to shop online rather than in malls or shopping centers and competition from Children?s Place and the Gap, sought a reprieve from creditors, along with seven affiliates in the Eastern District of Virginia. ....

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1. Judges wrote a scathing indictment of US drug policy in decision to uphold Silk Road founder's life sentence (
Submitted Wed 05/31/2017   New York Southern 1:14-cr-00068
2. Detroit Doctors Conspire to Mutilate Girls (
Submitted Thu 04/27/2017   Michigan Eastern 2:17-cr-20274
3. The Backstory Behind Carder Kingpin Roman Seleznev's Record 27 Year Prison Sentence (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   Washington Western 2:11-cr-00070
4. FBI Arrests Hacker Who Hacked No One (
Submitted Fri 03/31/2017   Virginia Eastern 1:17-cr-00034
5. It's official: Prenda copyright trolls made their own porn, seeded on Pirate Bay (
Submitted Wed 03/08/2017   Minnesota 0:16-cr-00334
6. Prenda Saga Update: John Steele Pleads Guilty, Admits Entire Scheme (
Submitted Tue 03/07/2017   Minnesota 0:16-cr-00334
Docket #43.0 - PLEA AGREEMENT as to John L Steele
7. Former Port Authority Chairman Samson Sentenced to 1-Year Home Confinement (
Submitted Tue 03/07/2017   New Jersey 2:16-cr-00334
8. How the Flash Crash Trader Lost His $50 Million Fortune (
Submitted Fri 02/10/2017   Illinois Northern 1:15-cr-00075
9. Trial Reveals Deep Ties Between Pair of Doctors and Fentanyl Maker (
Submitted Sat 02/04/2017   Alabama Southern 1:15-cr-00088
10. Ex-Bond Trader Jesse Litvak Acted like Used-Car Salesman, His Attorney Argues (
Submitted Fri 01/06/2017   Connecticut 3:13-cr-00019
11. Trials of Compounding Pharmacists Facing Murder Charges Draw Closer (
Submitted Wed 01/04/2017   Massachusetts 1:14-cr-10363
12. Jesse Litvak, A Symbol of the Government Crackdown on Wall Street, Goes on Trial Again (
Submitted Wed 01/04/2017   Connecticut 3:13-cr-00019
13. Scammer who targeted seniors pleads guilty in federal court (
Submitted Tue 11/29/2016   New York Western 1:14-cr-00032
Docket #162.0 - PLEA AGREEMENT as to Corey Anthony...
14. Former Autonomy Financial Chief Indicted on Felony Fraud Charges (
Submitted Sat 11/12/2016   California Northern 3:16-cr-00462
15. U.S. Drug Smuggling Trial of Venezuelan Leader Nicolás Maduro's Nephews Begins (
Submitted Tue 11/08/2016   New York Southern 1:15-cr-00765
16. Ex-Suffolk County Police Chief Sentenced to Prison (
Submitted Thu 11/03/2016   New York Eastern 2:15-cr-00627
17. U.S. Charges Three With Exporting Banned Microelectronics to Russia (
Submitted Fri 10/07/2016   New York Eastern 1:16-mj-00893
Docket #1.0 - COMPLAINT and affidavit in support o...
18. Silk Road Founder Pins Hope of Appeal on Agents? Theft (
Submitted Thu 10/06/2016   New York Southern 1:14-cr-00068
19. The Pill Makers Next Door: How America's Opioid Crisis Is Spreading (
Submitted Thu 10/06/2016   California Northern 3:16-cr-00259
20. Federal Complaint filed against suspect behind NY and NJ bombings (
Submitted Wed 09/21/2016   New York Southern 1:16-mj-06009
21. Court denies the media access to Bridgegate conspirator list (
Submitted Thu 09/08/2016   New Jersey 2:15-cr-00193
22. Florida Computer Programmer Arrested For Hacking (
Submitted Sat 09/03/2016   Florida Southern 1:16-mj-03168
23. Son of Russian Lawmaker Convicted in Hacking Case (
Submitted Fri 08/26/2016   Washington Western 2:11-cr-00070
24. Citing Clinton, sailor seeks leniency in submarine photos case (
Submitted Mon 08/15/2016   Connecticut 3:15-cr-00131
25. N.Y. Drug Trafficker Sentenced to More Than 15 Years (
Submitted Sat 07/30/2016   New York Southern 7:15-cr-00005
26. Former Port Authority Chairman Pleads Guilty in Corruption Probe (
Submitted Fri 07/15/2016   New Jersey 2:16-cr-00334
27. In first, U.S. judge throws out cell phone 'stingray' evidence (
Submitted Wed 07/13/2016   New York Southern 1:15-cr-00734
Docket #30.0 - OPINION & ORDER
28. Notable & Quotable: The FBI on Classified Material (
Submitted Thu 07/07/2016   California Eastern 2:15-cr-00145
29. Andrew W.W. Caspersen Pleads Guilty to Stealing Millions From Investors (
Submitted Thu 07/07/2016   New York Southern 1:16-cr-00414
30. Home Computers Connected to the Internet Aren't Private, Court Rules (
Submitted Fri 07/01/2016   Virginia Eastern 4:16-cr-00016

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