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1. Student files lawsuit against Boyertown School District over transgender locker room policy (
Submitted Thu 03/23/2017   Pennsylvania Eastern 5:17-cv-01249
2. Federal racketeering lawsuit filed against Peoples National Bank (
Submitted Wed 03/22/2017   Illinois Southern 3:17-cv-00266
3. Lawsuit filed alleging that Bossier Parish violates constitutional rights of poor (
Submitted Wed 03/22/2017   Louisiana Western 5:17-cv-00424
4. KIPP Academy Charter School files federal lawsuit against the United Federation of Teachers (
Submitted Wed 03/22/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-01863
5. TransPerfect CEO Phil Shaw files federal lawsuit against Delaware over law (
Submitted Wed 03/22/2017   Delaware 1:17-cv-00277
6. Costco files lawsuit seeking judgement that Kirkland Signature golfball did not infringe on Acushnet patents (
Submitted Mon 03/20/2017   Washington Western 2:17-cv-00423
7. Federal judge dismisses whistleblower lawsuit filed against the CEO of Shields Health Solutions of Quincy (
Submitted Mon 03/20/2017   Massachusetts 1:16-cv-10652
8. Lawsuit filed opposing Michigan mosque construction citing ISIS violence (
Submitted Mon 03/20/2017   Michigan Eastern 2:17-cv-10787
9. Opponents of Sterling Heights mosque construction file lawsuit alleging preferential treatment towards Muslims (
Submitted Thu 03/16/2017   Michigan Eastern 4:17-cv-10787
10. Lawsuit filed against Monsanto alleging employees ghostwrote reports on Roundup weed killer (
Submitted Thu 03/16/2017   California Northern 3:16-md-02741
11. Lawsuit filed by Lakeland residents alleging unsafe radiation levels (
Submitted Thu 03/16/2017   Florida Middle 8:17-cv-00587
12. 20 more women join sexual assault lawsuit against former MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar (
Submitted Thu 03/16/2017   Michigan Western 1:17-cv-00029
13. Eleven more bikers file lawsuit over Twin Peaks gunfight arrests (
Submitted Wed 03/15/2017   Texas Western 1:17-cv-00235
14. 500 female strippers file lawsuit against strip club company alleging exploitation of workers (
Submitted Wed 03/15/2017   Colorado 1:17-cv-00631
15. Two former salespeople file federal lawsuit alleging AdvoCare is a pyramid scheme (
Submitted Wed 03/15/2017   Texas Northern 3:17-cv-00691
16. Lawsuit filed over Maplewood Ordinance that exiles households who have drawn two or more police calls (
Submitted Wed 03/15/2017   Missouri Eastern 4:17-cv-00886
17. Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over Virginia law that suspends drivers licenses over unpaid court fines (
Submitted Wed 03/15/2017   Virginia Western 3:16-cv-00044
18. Two flight attendants file sexual harassment lawsuit against American Airlines (
Submitted Mon 03/13/2017   Pennsylvania Eastern 2:16-cv-05708
19. Woman files lawsuit against UMass baksetball staff members alleging she was falsely imprisoned (
Submitted Mon 03/13/2017   Massachusetts 3:16-cv-30186
20. Federal judge dismisses civil rights violation lawsuit filed against Saratoga County sheriff (
Submitted Mon 03/13/2017   New York Northern 1:16-cv-00401
21. Lawsuit accuses senior officer of illegal career blockade against National Guard subordinate (
Submitted Mon 03/13/2017   California Eastern 2:17-cv-00498
22. "Smart" vibrator company settles $3.75 million privacy lawsuit (
Submitted Sun 03/12/2017   Illinois Northern 1:16-cv-08655
23. Two former employees file lawsuit alleging Maine's Office of Information Technology has culture of sexual harassment (
Submitted Mon 03/13/2017   Maine 1:17-cv-00071
24. Former bus service CEO files discrimination lawsuit against employer after being fired (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   South Carolina 4:17-cv-00597
25. Islamic center files discrimination lawsuit against Culpeper County (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   Virginia Western 3:17-cv-00019
26. Woman files lawsuit against beverage company alleging coconut water did not contain any coconut (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   Oregon 3:17-cv-00391
27. Judge dismisses lawsuit filed against Nestle and Cargill by former child slaves (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   California Central 2:05-cv-05133
28. Waymo adds patent claim to intellectual property theft lawsuit filed against Uber (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-00939
29. Princeton University alleges student's gender discrimination lawsuit is meritless (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   New Jersey 3:17-cv-01614
30. Lawsuit filed alleging NFL teams violated federal drug prescription laws (
Submitted Fri 03/10/2017   California Northern 3:16-cv-01030