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Wed 6/21/2017 -- by Jan Hill
Reminiscent of David and Goliath, several independent musicians from Queens are taking on Amazon in two separate class action lawsuits filed in a New York federal court. The cases, Yesh Music v. Amazon and Cupolo v. Amazon, allege the retail and music streaming giant failed to obtain the licenses required to offer plaintiffs? and potential class members? music on Amazon Prime and other Amazon-related music services.....

Fri 6/16/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Gymboree Corp., citing consumers? preference to shop online rather than in malls or shopping centers and competition from Children?s Place and the Gap, sought a reprieve from creditors, along with seven affiliates in the Eastern District of Virginia. ....

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1. Family of main slain by a Milwaukee officer files lawsuit against former officer and city (
Submitted Thu 06/22/2017   Wisconsin Eastern 2:17-cv-00862
2. Woman files lawsuit against Disney alleging they stole her concept for Inside Out (
Submitted Wed 06/21/2017   California Central 2:17-cv-04527
3. Theranos to settle lawsuit against Walgreens for under $30M (
Submitted Wed 06/21/2017   Delaware 1:16-cv-01040
4. Michael Brown's parents settle wrongful death lawsuit against City of Ferguson (
Submitted Wed 06/21/2017   Missouri Eastern 4:15-cv-00831
5. Family of woman who died after contracting a brain-eating amoeba files lawsuit against park (
Submitted Wed 06/21/2017   Ohio Southern 2:17-cv-00524
6. Lawsuit filed against Monsanto over roundup herbicide (
Submitted Wed 06/21/2017   Wisconsin Western 3:17-cv-00473
7. Drivers file lawsuit against ride-hail service Juno for breach of contract, false advertising and securities fraud (
Submitted Mon 06/19/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-04373
8. Man files federal lawsuit against East Mountain saying he was terrorized, assaulted and falsely arrested (
Submitted Mon 06/19/2017   Texas Eastern 2:17-cv-00496
9. Gettysburg agrees to pay $225k in settlement in excessive force lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 06/19/2017   Pennsylvania Middle 1:17-cv-00129
10. $12B lawsuit filed against Telecom company CenturyLink (
Submitted Mon 06/19/2017   California Central 2:17-cv-04504
11. Federal Lawsuit could force change in Chicago (
Submitted Thu 06/15/2017   Illinois Northern 1:17-cv-04467
12. Corvette Z06 owners file lawsuit against GM over vehicle's poor performance (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   Florida Southern 1:17-cv-22209
13. EEOC files lawsuit against Heritage Bank alleging it violated federal equal pay law (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   Nebraska 4:17-cv-03068
14. Lawsuit alleges Missouri foster care system prescribes dangerous amount of psychotic drugs to children (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   Missouri Western 2:17-cv-04102
15. 11 states including NY and CA sue Trump administration over stalled energy-use limits (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   California Northern 4:17-cv-03406
16. Rolling Stone magazine settles defamation rape story lawsuit, agrees to pay $1.65M to University of Virginia (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   Virginia Western 3:15-cv-00023
17. Nearly 200 Congressional Democrats join together to file lawsuit against Trump over foreign payments (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   District Of Columbia 1:17-cv-01154
18. City of Stamford settles fatal Christmas fire lawsuit for $6.65M (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   Connecticut 3:13-cv-00011
19. Disabled Iowans file lawsuit over state's switch to privately run Medicaid (
Submitted Wed 06/14/2017   Iowa Southern 4:17-cv-00208
20. States Join Forces to Sue Trump (
Submitted Tue 06/13/2017   Maryland 8:17-cv-01596
21. EEOC files lawsuit against KFC franchise after worker forced to flush medicine down a toilet (
Submitted Mon 06/12/2017   Georgia Southern 3:17-cv-00034
22. Lieutenant files lawsuit against Torrance police chief alleging retaliation (
Submitted Mon 06/12/2017   California Central 2:17-cv-04193
23. Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Two Minneapolis Officers Involved In Jamar Clark's Death (
Submitted Mon 06/12/2017   Minnesota 0:17-cv-01973
24. Justice Department asks federal court to dismiss lawsuit against Trump over foreign payments (
Submitted Mon 06/12/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-00458
25. Scientist says that radiation is not dangerous to Oakbridge residents (
Submitted Fri 06/09/2017   Florida Middle 8:17-cv-00587
26. Woman files lawsuit against Park Community Credit Union alleging she was fired because she is gay (
Submitted Thu 06/08/2017   Kentucky Western 3:17-cv-00344
27. City of New Orleans settles federal lawsuit by Reginald Adams, who was unjustly imprisoned 34 years (
Submitted Thu 06/08/2017   Louisiana Eastern 2:15-cv-01543
28. Trump supporter Kiara Robles files $23M lawsuit against UC Berkley after being pepper-sprayed during riots (
Submitted Thu 06/08/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-03235
29. Seven sexual assault victims file negligence lawsuit against ex-employees of Arkansas Department of Human Services (
Submitted Wed 06/07/2017   Arkansas Western 2:17-cv-02091
30. Lawsuit filed against Fuyao alleging workers were not compensated for working over 40 hours a week (
Submitted Wed 06/07/2017   Ohio Southern 3:17-cv-00191

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