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1. Federal lawsuit filed after 13 year old boy killed after being struck by car (
Submitted Fri 02/17/2017   Pennsylvania Eastern 5:17-cv-00625
2. Federal lawsuit filed challenging Massachusetts law banning ownership of electronic weapons (
Submitted Fri 02/17/2017   Massachusetts 1:17-cv-10248
3. Federal judge dismisses defamation lawsuit filed against Bill Cosby by actress (
Submitted Fri 02/17/2017   Massachusetts 3:15-cv-30221
4. Southwest Airlines files federal lawsuit accusing mechanics of boycotting overtime shifts (
Submitted Fri 02/17/2017   Texas Northern 3:17-cv-00431
5. Gender discrimination lawsuit filed against University of Virginia (
Submitted Thu 02/16/2017   Virginia Western 3:17-cv-00011
6. Federal government files lawsuit against Hawaii tour company, alleges president sexually harassed male employees (
Submitted Thu 02/16/2017   Hawaii 1:17-cv-00067
7. Judge refuses to dismiss copyright infringement lawsuit filed against NBC's travel series Timeless (
Submitted Thu 02/16/2017   California Central 2:16-cv-07269
8. Federal judge rejects lawsuit filed by Gov. Patt Quin asking city to adopt an elected school board (
Submitted Thu 02/16/2017   Illinois Northern 1:16-cv-09514
9. Syrian refugee living in Wisconsin files lawsuit challenging Trump's executive orders on immigration (
Submitted Wed 02/15/2017   Wisconsin Western 3:17-cv-00112
10. Lawsuit filed against Oracle alleging company cut employees' sales commission rates (
Submitted Wed 02/15/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-00725
11. Lawsuit filed after agents detained illegal immigrant protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (
Submitted Wed 02/15/2017   Washington Western 2:17-cv-00218
12. Duke Joins 16 Other Universities In Lawsuit Against Trump's Travel Ban (
Submitted Thu 02/16/2017   New York Eastern 1:17-cv-00480
13. $100M fraud lawsuit against Lance Armstrong will proceed to a jury trial (
Submitted Wed 02/15/2017   District Of Columbia 1:10-cv-00976
14. Lawsuit alleges billion-dollar startup Magic Leap is a hostile working environment for women (
Submitted Mon 02/13/2017   Florida Southern 0:17-cv-60327
15. Copyright lawsuit filed against Warner Bros over Lucifer theme music (
Submitted Mon 02/13/2017   California Central 2:17-cv-01062
16. Sig Sauer files patent infringement lawsuit against BB gun maker Cybergun (
Submitted Mon 02/13/2017   New Hampshire 1:17-cv-00014
17. Former CNN employee files racial and religious discrimination lawsuit against company (
Submitted Mon 02/13/2017   Georgia Northern 1:16-cv-03929
18. Zillow ordered to pay $8.3M in damages in federal copyright lawsuit filed by VHT (
Submitted Mon 02/13/2017   Washington Western 2:15-cv-01096
19. Lawsuit filed against Colorado Springs Utilities alleging over 3,000 Clean Air Act violations (
Submitted Fri 02/10/2017   Colorado 1:17-cv-00357
20. President Trump Named As Defendant In Youths Activist's Lawsuit Over Climate Change (
Submitted Fri 02/10/2017   Oregon 6:15-cv-01517
21. Chicken farmers file lawsuit against Tyson and Perdue, alleges price collusion (
Submitted Fri 02/10/2017   Oklahoma Eastern 6:17-cv-00033
22. Federal judge allows Microsoft lawsuit against US Department of Justice to continue (
Submitted Fri 02/10/2017   Washington Western 2:16-cv-00538
23. Facebook Has No First Amendment Right to Send Unauthorized Texts, Says Court (
Submitted Sat 02/11/2017   California Northern 3:16-cv-00751
24. Estate of late Youtube Star Messy Mya files $20M copyright infringement lawsuit against Beyonce (
Submitted Thu 02/09/2017   Louisiana Eastern 2:17-cv-01057
25. Spinal Tap bandmates join Harry Shearer's lawsuit against Vivendi S.A. (
Submitted Thu 02/09/2017   California Central 2:16-cv-07733
26. Cities of Lawrence and Chelsea file lawsuit challenging Trump's order stripping funding for sanctuary cities (
Submitted Thu 02/09/2017   Massachusetts 1:17-cv-10214
27. Employees file lawsuit against Sandia Labs alleging discrimination against women (
Submitted Thu 02/09/2017   New Mexico 1:17-cv-00188
28. Two University of Washington students file lawsuit claiming Trump travel ban is unconstitutional (
Submitted Wed 02/08/2017   Washington Western 2:17-cv-00178
29. Federal lawsuit claims former inmates were unlawfully detained in Kentucky jail (
Submitted Wed 02/08/2017   Kentucky Western 3:17-cv-00071
30. Lawsuit filed against MetLife alleges company failed to pay claim specialists $50M in overtime (
Submitted Wed 02/08/2017   Connecticut 3:17-cv-00173