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1. Wrongful death lawsuit filed after NJ man struck and killed, NYPD came hours later (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-02662
2. Lawsuit challenges Georgia law that prohibits new voters to register before a closely watched runoff election (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   Georgia Northern 1:17-cv-01397
3. Pittsburgh man files lawsuit against police officers alleging he was charged with crimes he did not commit (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   Pennsylvania Western 2:17-cv-00505
4. Long Island nurse files discrimination lawsuit alleging he was fired after daughter got cancer (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   New York Eastern 2:17-cv-02425
5. Game developer company Candy Lab Inc. sues Milwaukee over park-permit requirement (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   Wisconsin Eastern 2:17-cv-00569
6. Judge dismisses class-action lawsuit over Ford Explorer exhaust leak (
Submitted Mon 04/24/2017   Illinois Northern 1:16-cv-00730
7. Tesla owners have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging Autopilot 2 is 'demonstrably dangerous' (
Submitted Fri 04/21/2017   California Northern 5:17-cv-02193
8. The Trump administration's favorite gossip app is facing a lawsuit ? it's allegedly less private than it seems (
Submitted Fri 04/21/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-02848
9. Google car spin-off says Uber is involved in a 'cover up' and is 'hiding a device' (
Submitted Fri 04/21/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-00939
10. Plum High School teacher files lawsuit after being charged with Intimidation of Witnesses (
Submitted Thu 04/20/2017   Pennsylvania Western 2:16-cv-01483
11. Stockbridge-Munsee band sues Ho-Chunk Nation over casino expansion in Shawano County (
Submitted Thu 04/20/2017   Wisconsin Western 3:17-cv-00249
12. Lawsuit filed alleging Nexus 6P devices are defective, prone to enter bootloop cycle (
Submitted Thu 04/20/2017   California Northern 5:17-cv-02185
13. Lawsuit filed by families in Berks County Residential Center seeks to prevent deportation of children (
Submitted Thu 04/20/2017   Pennsylvania Eastern 5:17-cv-01747
14. Lawsuit seeks to block Strack & Van Til from selling itself to unknown buyer (
Submitted Thu 04/20/2017   Indiana Northern 2:17-cv-00175
15. Restaurant Opportunities Centers United Joins Lawsuit Against Trump (
Submitted Wed 04/19/2017   New York Southern 1:17-cv-00458
16. Paisley Park and Prince's Estate file lawsuit against sound engineer and mixer George Ian Boxill (
Submitted Wed 04/19/2017   Minnesota 0:17-cv-01212
17. Excessive force lawsuit filed against Alliance police officer after using taser (
Submitted Wed 04/19/2017   Ohio Northern 5:17-cv-00779
18. Kalispel Tribe files federal lawsuit seeking to halt casino construction by Spokane Tribe (
Submitted Wed 04/19/2017   Washington Eastern 2:17-cv-00138
19. Southern Poverty Law Center files lawsuit alleging publisher of The Daily Stormer led a "terror campaign" (
Submitted Wed 04/19/2017   Montana 9:17-cv-00050
20. These Headphones Spy on Users, Lawsuit Says (
Submitted Wed 04/19/2017   Illinois Northern 1:17-cv-02928
21. Family of man shot dead by St. Paul police file federal lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 04/17/2017   Minnesota 0:17-cv-01145
22. Trump claims immunity as president from campaign rally violence lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 04/17/2017   Kentucky Western 3:16-cv-00247
23. Older Workers Challenge Firms' Aggressive Pursuit of the Young (
Submitted Sun 04/16/2017   California Northern 3:16-cv-02276
24. Excessive force lawsuit filed against Denver Police Department (
Submitted Mon 04/17/2017   Colorado 1:17-cv-00912
25. Former Ingham judge files federal lawsuit against Michigan Supreme Court (
Submitted Mon 04/17/2017   Michigan Western 1:17-cv-00004
26. 2 YSU students file lawsuit against SGA Elections Board alleging violation of Amendment rights (
Submitted Thu 04/13/2017   Ohio Northern 4:17-cv-00761
27. Uber's Interest in Google Executive's Driverless-Car Startup Was Immediate, Lawyers Say (
Submitted Thu 04/13/2017   California Northern 3:17-cv-00939
28. Iraq War veteran files lawsuit against former landlord for refusing to allow him to keep service dog (
Submitted Thu 04/13/2017   Florida Northern 3:17-cv-00212
29. $10M lawsuit filed against Borough of Belmar over Outdoor Bar Fight (
Submitted Wed 04/12/2017   New Jersey 3:17-cv-02437
30. Former Westampton fire chief files lawsuit alleging he was terminated in retaliation for his political activities (
Submitted Wed 04/12/2017   New Jersey 1:17-cv-01906