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1. Man appeals sentence for killing three grizzlies (
Submitted Tue 01/10/2017   Ninth Circuit 0:16-cr-30033
2. Federal court rules Hattiesburg ward plan not discriminatory (
Submitted Wed 11/30/2016   Fifth Circuit 0:15-cr-60637
3. Fraud lawsuit filed against Bank of America by Tutor Perini Corp revived in US appeals court (
Submitted Tue 11/22/2016   First Circuit 0:15-civil-01945
4. A court has blocked the release of 'Making a Murderer' subject Brendan Dassey (
Submitted Fri 11/18/2016   Seventh Circuit 0:16-pr-03397
5. Appeals Court To Cops: If You 'Don't Have Time' For 'Constitutional Bullshit,' You Don't Get Immunity (
Submitted Thu 11/17/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:15-cvpri-07098
6. Ride-Sharing for Pilots Is No Flight of Fancy (
Submitted Wed 11/16/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:14-rev-01168
7. Lawsuit over school banning service dog in class heads to federal court (
Submitted Tue 11/01/2016   Sixth Circuit 0:14-cv-01137
8. Woman who spent 96 days in jail after being falsely charged with drug crime appeals ruling (
Submitted Wed 10/26/2016   Fifth Circuit 0:16-cr-60690
9. Federal judge rules in favor of UPENN over death of neuroscience teacher (
Submitted Mon 10/10/2016   Third Circuit 0:16-cv-03801
10. U.S. court reinstates Apple $120 million patent win over Samsung (
Submitted Sat 10/08/2016   Federal Circuit 0:15-cvpri-01171
11. U.S. appeals court revives former JP Morgan private banker's whistleblower lawsuit (
Submitted Tue 09/13/2016   Second Circuit 0:15-cv-03400
12. U.S. appeals court deals setback to Uber drivers' cases (
Submitted Wed 09/07/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:15-cv-16181
13. Judge rejects Uber's proposed $100M settlement, declares its offer inadequate (
Submitted Mon 08/22/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:16-cv-15595
14. Nevada HOA Lien Law Labeled Unconstitutional by Federal Court (
Submitted Thu 08/18/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:15-cv-15233
15. Federal Court rules that IRS discriminated against tea party groups (
Submitted Tue 08/09/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:14-cvus-05316
16. Recent court ruling establishes that it could be a federal crime to share your Netflix password (
Submitted Tue 07/12/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:14-cr-10037
17. The Army Corps of Abuse (
Submitted Thu 06/02/2016   Eighth Circuit 0:13-cv-03067
18. Cops can easily get months of location data, appeals court rules (
Submitted Tue 05/31/2016   Fourth Circuit 0:12-cr-04659
19. Appeals Court Rules Cell Tower Locations Not Protected Information (
Submitted Wed 06/01/2016   Fourth Circuit 0:12-cr-04659
20. Search of old computer files allowed by U.S. appeals court (
Submitted Mon 05/30/2016   Second Circuit 0:12-cr-00240
Docket #220.0 - OPINION
21. Bank of America Penalty Thrown Out in Crisis-Era 'Hustle' Case (
Submitted Tue 05/24/2016   Second Circuit 0:15-cv-00499 Second Circuit 0:15-cv-00496
22. Indefinite prison for suspect who won't decrypt hard drives, US gov't says (
Submitted Tue 05/17/2016   Third Circuit 0:15-cr-03537
23. Brady's suspension reinstated by appeals court (
Submitted Fri 04/29/2016   Second Circuit 0:15-cv-03228
24. Fair use prevails as Supreme Court rejects Google Books copyright case (
Submitted Tue 04/19/2016   Second Circuit 0:13-cv-04829
25. Cowlitz Tribe Casino Case's Arguments Heard in Court of Appeals (
Submitted Mon 03/21/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:14-cvus-05326
26. Seventh Circuit's Warning to Landlords: Getting Out of Your Lease With a Distressed Company May Expose You to Bankruptcy Risk (
Submitted Wed 03/16/2016   Seventh Circuit 0:15-bkbk-02093
27. Biggest patent troll of 2014 gives up, drops appeal (
Submitted Fri 03/04/2016   Federal Circuit 0:16-cvpri-01120
28. Apple Loses Appeal in $119.6 Million Samsung Smartphone Case (
Submitted Fri 02/26/2016   Federal Circuit 0:15-cvpri-01171
29. Feds nail webcam on utility pole for 10 weeks to spy on suspect (
Submitted Thu 02/11/2016   Sixth Circuit 0:14-cr-05800