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Wed 6/21/2017 -- by Jan Hill
Reminiscent of David and Goliath, several independent musicians from Queens are taking on Amazon in two separate class action lawsuits filed in a New York federal court. The cases, Yesh Music v. Amazon and Cupolo v. Amazon, allege the retail and music streaming giant failed to obtain the licenses required to offer plaintiffs? and potential class members? music on Amazon Prime and other Amazon-related music services.....

Fri 6/16/2017 -- by Juliette Fairley
Gymboree Corp., citing consumers? preference to shop online rather than in malls or shopping centers and competition from Children?s Place and the Gap, sought a reprieve from creditors, along with seven affiliates in the Eastern District of Virginia. ....

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1. Evidence from civil case could be crucial in Cosby sexual assault trial (
Submitted Thu 06/08/2017   Third Circuit 0:15-cv-02797
2. Federal judge revives lawsuit against US Airways over delayed baggage fee (
Submitted Thu 05/04/2017   Ninth Circuit 0:11-cv-16305
3. Uber must turn over information about its acquisition of Otto to Waymo, court rules (
Submitted Tue 04/25/2017   Federal Circuit 0:17-cvpri-01904
4. Federal appeals court allows family of inmate who committed suicide to proceed with lawsuit (
Submitted Mon 04/17/2017   Third Circuit 0:16-cv-02726
5. Lawsuit filed against Home Depot after supervisor murdered pregnant employee (
Submitted Wed 03/29/2017   Seventh Circuit 0:16-cv-01693
6. The Secret to Avoiding Taxes on $6 Million: Exports and an IRA (
Submitted Sat 02/25/2017   Sixth Circuit 0:16-tx-01712
7. Oracle refuses to accept pro-Google "fair use" verdict in API battle (
Submitted Sat 02/11/2017   Federal Circuit 0:17-cvpri-01118
8. Violating Terms of Use Isn't a Crime, EFF Tells Court -- Again (
Submitted Tue 02/07/2017   Ninth Circuit 0:16-cv-16905 Nevada 2:10-cv-00106 Ninth Circuit 0:16-cv-16832
9. Federal judge dismisses flint water crisis lawsuit filed against Governor Rick Snyder (
Submitted Fri 02/03/2017   Sixth Circuit 0:16-cv-02484
10. When is the output of a copyright-protected software program itself protected by copyright? (
Submitted Sat 02/04/2017   Ninth Circuit 0:14-cv-16701
11. Man appeals sentence for killing three grizzlies (
Submitted Tue 01/10/2017   Ninth Circuit 0:16-cr-30033
12. Federal court rules Hattiesburg ward plan not discriminatory (
Submitted Wed 11/30/2016   Fifth Circuit 0:15-cr-60637
13. Fraud lawsuit filed against Bank of America by Tutor Perini Corp revived in US appeals court (
Submitted Tue 11/22/2016   First Circuit 0:15-civil-01945
14. A court has blocked the release of 'Making a Murderer' subject Brendan Dassey (
Submitted Fri 11/18/2016   Seventh Circuit 0:16-pr-03397
15. Appeals Court To Cops: If You 'Don't Have Time' For 'Constitutional Bullshit,' You Don't Get Immunity (
Submitted Thu 11/17/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:15-cvpri-07098
16. Ride-Sharing for Pilots Is No Flight of Fancy (
Submitted Wed 11/16/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:14-rev-01168
17. Lawsuit over school banning service dog in class heads to federal court (
Submitted Tue 11/01/2016   Sixth Circuit 0:14-cv-01137
18. Woman who spent 96 days in jail after being falsely charged with drug crime appeals ruling (
Submitted Wed 10/26/2016   Fifth Circuit 0:16-cr-60690
19. Federal judge rules in favor of UPENN over death of neuroscience teacher (
Submitted Mon 10/10/2016   Third Circuit 0:16-cv-03801
20. U.S. court reinstates Apple $120 million patent win over Samsung (
Submitted Sat 10/08/2016   Federal Circuit 0:15-cvpri-01171
21. U.S. appeals court revives former JP Morgan private banker's whistleblower lawsuit (
Submitted Tue 09/13/2016   Second Circuit 0:15-cv-03400
22. U.S. appeals court deals setback to Uber drivers' cases (
Submitted Wed 09/07/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:15-cv-16181
23. Judge rejects Uber's proposed $100M settlement, declares its offer inadequate (
Submitted Mon 08/22/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:16-cv-15595
24. Nevada HOA Lien Law Labeled Unconstitutional by Federal Court (
Submitted Thu 08/18/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:15-cv-15233
25. Federal Court rules that IRS discriminated against tea party groups (
Submitted Tue 08/09/2016   D.C. Circuit 0:14-cvus-05316
26. Recent court ruling establishes that it could be a federal crime to share your Netflix password (
Submitted Tue 07/12/2016   Ninth Circuit 0:14-cr-10037
27. The Army Corps of Abuse (
Submitted Thu 06/02/2016   Minnesota 0:13-cv-00107 Eighth Circuit 0:13-cv-03067
28. Cops can easily get months of location data, appeals court rules (
Submitted Tue 05/31/2016   Fourth Circuit 0:12-cr-04659
29. Appeals Court Rules Cell Tower Locations Not Protected Information (
Submitted Wed 06/01/2016   Fourth Circuit 0:12-cr-04659
30. Search of old computer files allowed by U.S. appeals court (
Submitted Mon 05/30/2016   Second Circuit 0:12-cr-00240
Docket #220.0 - OPINION

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